Trendy Looks 2017

Be Gentle: Blow-Drying & Smoothing

Does daily blow-drying damage your hair? Are straighteners rough on your hair? Will heated rollers cause more split ends? What do I have to consider when using curling tongs? Here you find the ultimate tips on protecting hair from heat damage and on blow-drying and smoothing your hair the caring and gentle way.

  • Proper Blow-Drying

    Proper Blow-Drying

    Yes, you can blow-dry your hair like a professional and prevent bad hair days! Learn all the best tips and tricks from the pros about using your blow dryer properly. In his video tutorial, star stylist Armin Morbach shows step by step how blow-drying is done the right way

    Blow-Drying – It's not Just Hot Air
  • Hair Styling Products Turn Hair Smooth and Silken

    Hair Styling Products for Sleek Hair

    Hair can be quite unruly at times. The new gentle yet effective hair tamers can help! Among their ingredients are precious oils, panthenol and proteins. We like to help you win the fight against your unruly hair and tell you what to expect from the new styling products and how they work

    This way to smooth shiny hair!
  • straighten hair

    How to Get the Kinks out of Hair

    Some like it straight! We are talking about straight silky hair. What to do if nature has given you thick tightly curled hair and these unruly kinks and curls defy all your efforts of bringing order to your hair style? Don’t fret! We can help you straighten your hair without the use of a flat iron

    1 - 2 - 3: This Hair is Straight
  • Heat Protection for your Hair

    The best heat protection for your hair

    Flat irons and curling irons are marvellous tools, which can help you produce great hair styles. However, they can be quite hard on the hair. Don’t forget the heat protection before using these tools to keep your hair safe from damage

    Here is how heat protection works