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The Quick Way to Protect and Pamper Your Hair

Hair care is important. You also need to know the difference between a hair cure and a conditioner. For which hair type is a leave-in product the ideal care product? When does hair need a mask? Our hair care tips also let you know how to care for stressed winter hair and how to pamper it. There are also tips for you if you want to strengthen your hair.

  • Preventing Split Ends

    How to Prevent Split Hair Ends

    Long hair especially, is more susceptible to the hair splitting in two at the ends because it is exposed to a lot of friction. Not only do split ends make your hair look untidy, they are also a sign of over-processed and damaged hair.

    All Is Well that Ends Well!
  • Flexible Hairstyles with Long Hold

    Flexi Hairstyles with Long Hold

    Yoga lessons after work, shopping, and running a home, the hairstyle must stand up to the forces of modern active living. Thanks to new flexi products, hairstyles will stand up to work and fun activities. We explain how these products work

    Flexible Hairstyles
  • Styling Products

    The Hair Disaster Squad: Styling Products and Tips

    Coming home with a new haircut you now gloomily contemplate your options. Is it appropriate to wear a hat in the office? Should you close the door and play possum for a month or two? Take heart! We like to offer you better solutions, which come in the form of helpful styling products and tips

    Small Helpers with a Big Punch
  • 140x180_WINTER

    Winter Hair Care

    As the days get colder we retreat into the cozy indoors. Despite all the styling that will be necessary for the Christmas party season, Winter makes the perfect time to replenish and treat your hair!

    Top 5 Tips!
  • Instant Shine for Dull Looking Hair

    Instant Lustre for Dull Looking Hair

    Healthy looking hair is the crown and glory of every woman. Fortunately, modern hair care products make it easy to turn dull looking hair into a glamorous head of hair with plenty of lustre. The allure of shiny hair is now at the fingertips of every woman

    Brilliant Hair Turn-Around
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