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Caring for your Hair during the Party Season

The party season is soon approaching and many Christmas lights have been turned on across the UK, shimmering in an array of beautiful colours. Also opening are German markets and Christmas fairs such as the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park; selling hand-made Christmas gifts and festive food with all kinds of Christmas activities. It may be the season of endless parties, late nights and overindulgence, but it doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer!

  • Glossy, healthy hair is a great accessory for the party season.
    Glossy, healthy hair is a great accessory for the party season.

    The Christmas season brings with it extremely cold weather in the UK. This harsh climate plays havoc on the condition of your hair with the cool air drying out your hair, due to low humidity as well as blow-drying and central heating. To overcome these challenges here are some tips and tricks, from our ambassador Armin Morbach, to keep your hair well-nourished this party season from outdoor ice skating to office Christmas parties!

  • 1. Shampoo and Conditioning Hair

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  • Hair can become very dry, dull and brittle in the Winter months; therefore it is important to use repair shampoo and conditioner that restore the hair. Leave in masks are also a good idea for the Winter as they do not just condition your hair but also build a thin film around it to protect it from the harsh weather. One minute masks are great for a quick deep repair fix. If you have more time apply the mask to towel-dried hair, then blast with warm air to heat, wrap in a towel and leave for ten minutes before rinsing.

    Tip: The longer you leave conditioner in your hair, the more moisture added.

  • 2. Preventing Static Hair

    Hair becomes dry in the colder weather, increasing the chance of static hair. Static hair is when the hair stands up from the scalp because of its electrical charge. To prevent this it is important to care for your hair, to help restore the right moisture balance. Hair oil is helpful if you have static hair, as the oil is absorbed instantly helping to tame your hair with a sleek finish. You could also use an oil mist spray with an ultra-light weight formula, which does not weigh down even the finest hair while giving extra care. Another good tip to prevent static hair is to use a brush with natural bristles as they are gentle on the hair.

    Tip: Hairspray can help tame your static hair. Spray on to hair at a 20 to 30cm distance to fix hair in place.

  • 3. Heat Protectant

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  • People are more likely to blow-dry their hair during the UK’s coldest season, so make sure you shield it against potential harm. If you are using heated appliances such as straighteners or curling tongs, don’t forget to use a good heat protectant spray on towel-dried hair before blow-drying to protect it from high temperatures.

    Tip: Never use straighteners or curling tongs on wet hair as it can severely damage the hair.

  • 4. Colouring Hair

    If you want to change the colour of your hair this party season be sure to pick a product that is specifically designed to care and nourish while colouring. For instance, colour enriched with vitamin oils and proteins indulge your hair. The finish is soft, glossy and healthier locks.

    Tip: For best colour results wash your hair the day before you intend to colour with a deep cleansing shampoo to get rid of excess styling products and oils that can create a barrier for the dye.

    We hope that these top tips will help you enjoy the festivities over the next month, so get your skates on and try one of the outdoor ice rinks; admire the twinkling, Christmas lights and late night shopping… Whatever you do, stand out from the crowd with beautiful, glossy, healthy winter hair.