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The Hair Disaster Squad: Styling Products and Tips

Styling Products
There is no reason to hide if the new haircut doesn't look at all like you had imagined it! A few helpful styling products and a little creativity can help you face leaving the house. © iStockphoto
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Don’t hide away if you have tried a style that hasn’t quite worked. Instead, check out our helpful hints on how you can turn hair disaster into a creative hair style!

  • Styling Products
    This look involves using a strong hold hairspray to comb the hair behind the ears allowing the remaining hair is allowed to fall naturally.
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    Styling Products to the Rescue:

    A strong hold hairspray can work magic because it can change your hairstyle to a smooth style. First of all, create a side parting when blowing drying hair. Once hair is dry, spray with a strong hold hairspray, such as got2b glued Blasting Freeze Spray and tuck hair behind your ears – simple! This look will stay in place all day and will smooth over any hint of a bad style. No one will know!

    Styling Tools to the Rescue:

    Curling your hair is a very effective method to blur the lines of a haircut dilemma. Curly hair appears shorter, and the lines of that hated haircut are no longer quite so visible! Make sure to apply a heat protectant before curling hair or using a hair dryer – we recommend essence ULTÎME Crystal Shine Heat Protection spray.

    If you’ve had your hair cut too short and you’re not quite to terms with it, then curling your hair may not be an option as this will make the hair look even shorter. Straightening will make hair look longer and so this would probably be the best option! After straightening, rub a small amount of got2b Oil-licious Styling Oil between your palms and apply to the ends for a smooth finish.

  • Accessories to the Rescue:

  • Styling Products
    You may like to add some style by tucking part of your fringes to the side using a hair grip
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    Your hair rescue squad comes in the forms of Alice bands, hair grips, and scrunchies! Even if your hair is not quite long enough to tie in a hair band, simply tuck your hair back and secure with a hair grip - this will hold even the shortest hair! This little trick would also be the perfect savior if you have decided to try out a fringe and it hasn’t quite lived up to expectations! A fringe can be pinned off the face with a hair grip. For extra hold, finish with a spritz of got2b Blasting Freeze Spray so your style won’t move.

    Top tip: To make short hair more manageable, rub some hair wax through the tips of your hair.

    If your hair is long enough, then simply gathering your hair into a ponytail is an excellent and time-honoured solution. Check out how you can create this look at home. 

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