Trendy Looks 2017
  • Shampoo and Hair Type

    The Right Shampoo for Every Type of Hair

    Your shampoo may be the culprit if bad hair days are all too common! We will help you find the perfect shampoo for your hair type.

    Hair Requires the Proper Care
  • Hair Care for Male Athletes

    Hair Care for Athletic Guys

    Athletic activities require practical hairstyles and simple, effective hair care. Athletic activities may expose hair to extra stress such as perspiration, chlorine or salt water. Therefore, the hair of athletes needs a little extra TLC. Discover our effective hair care solutions

    Hair Care for Male Athletes
  • Hair Care Myths

    Busting Hair Myths

    Myths around hair abound and some of them have staying power. We are going to bust the fallacies and help you focus on proven facts. Stay tuned for the answers to such questions as: "Does stress cause hair loss? Does blonde hair grow slower than brown hair?" We separate fallacies from facts

    Hair Fallacies and Facts
  • Lustre for Damaged Hair

    Brilliant Lustre for Your Hair

    The shine of healthy hair is very attractive and can instantly transform your look. Brilliant shine makes your hair look healthy as well as being an important aspect of hair care. Women with damaged hair can find it difficult to find products which restore the lost brilliance to their hair. Discover our hair techniques to make your hair shine.

    Restoring the Lustre to Damaged Hair
  • Hair Care

    Become a Hair Care Expert

    Shampooing, blow-drying, colouring, streaking, straightening, and curling – we expect our hair to take all this stress and still look radiant. Our hair is quite resilient but proper care is in order to maintain a healthy, shiny hair. We provide tips so that it will always be your crowning glory

    Hair Care 101
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