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Black Hair Needs Plenty of Lustre

Black hair is distinctive and unusual but out of all the hair colours it’s important to keep it healthy, with the right hair care routine. 

  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fax shows you her perfectly groomed black hair
    © Getty Images

    If you have black hair it’s important you keep it healthy, full of volume and shine. Black-haired beauties like Megan Fox keep this mind and are always sporting beautiful envious locks.

    Whilst blondes require upkeep to ensure tones stay pure and not brassy, dark hair requires its own care regime to keep colour looking luxurious. Colourants are now containing Macadamia oil, argan oil and shea butter, which condition your hair after colouring.

  • Six Tips for the Perfect Care of Black Hair

    • Tip 1:

      The most challenging part of colouring your hair black is managing the root re-growth (which is more visible if your natural hair colour is lighter). If your colouring natural brown hair, we would recommend using an intensive black non-permanent colour. This will help reduce the appearance of roots as the dark pigments wash out before a re-growth is noticeable.

    • Tip 2:

      If you’re using a permanent black hair dye your roots must be coloured every three to four weeks. You can either use a product designed juts for root regrowth which usually contains a brush, or follow the instructions for a root regrowth application in your permanent hair colour pack.

    • Tip 3:

      The colour pigments in your hair must be protected from UV light, which would otherwise bleach the pigments and reduce the colour intensity. If you’re outdoors for longer periods of time you should protect your hair by using hair care products with UV protection. While on holiday always wear hats/scarfs to block the UV rays and use hair oils, as they will also protect your hair and leave it soft and shiny. 

    • Tip 4:

      When you wash your hair, use shampoos and conditioners especially designed for colour treated hair, to help prevent colour fading. You should also use weekly intensive masks, to help keep the cuticle layer smooth and flat, which can help stop the colour pigments escaping the hair shaft.

    • Tip 5:

      You can visibly increase the shine of coloured black hair by using straighteners (be sure to apply heat protective spray first). Straighteners help to smooth split ends, increasing the light reflection, making the hair shiny. Ensure to wear your hair down for a gorgeous, sleek look.

    • Tip 6:

      Finally we would recommend using a hair oil, this will add shine and help tame flyaways. Pump a few drops in the palms of your hands and work the oil through your hair ends. Alternatively, if your hair is finer you could try an oil mist. The weightless formula won’t over burden the hair, but will still achieve beautiful shine.