Trendy Looks 2017
  • Styling Black Hair

    Styling Black Hair

    Actress Jessica Paré (starring in Mad Men) and model Edie Campbell showcase styles for black-haired women. You may like to give both a try. Jessica shows us elegantly styled black hair, Edie delights with a sassy version of it. We show appealing hairstyles and explain how Jessica und Edie style theirs

    Styling Your Beautiful Dark Hair
  • Black Colour Trends

    Black Colour Trends: Stars Adopting the Snow White Look

    Many stars swear by the black factor and are loyal to their dark manes. So there are new fans of this hair colour, who opted for this complete change from light to dark. We will show some of the prettiest stars sporting the Snow White look

    Stars Opting for Black
  • Colour Trends for Black Hair

    Black Hair is Classy and Sophisticated

    Innocent like Snow White or wicked like Dita von Teese, black hair covers the entire spectrum of styles. It does however need a lot of care and exact styling to prevent it from becoming unimpressive. Trendy hair colours are bluish black but also black with brown undertones

    Black hair is not at all boring