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The Amazing Feminine Allure of Dark Blonde Hair

Dark Blonde Hair: Robyn Lawley
Model Robyn Lawley’s hair intrigues us with its warm dark blonde tones. The wavy blonde hair and sophisticated make up, increases her feminine allure.
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Dark blonde hair is a beautiful accessory to any outfit, especially if you add texture and sophistication with golden flecks. Read on to find out how to achieve this alluring hair colour and how best to care for dark blonde hair.

  • The soft yet light warmth of the dark blonde colour creates an air of natural elegance and femininity, as it tends to softly frame your face. Dark blonde hair is particularly appealing if it moves freely with highlights of light blonde, adding visual texture and movement.

  • How to Colour Your Hair Dark Blonde

  • Dark Blonde Hair: Kate Bosworth
    Actress Kate Bosworth colours her hair a cool dark blonde. The light highlights add even more colour depth with interesting light reflections.
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    If you want to create the desired dark blonde colour your natural hair shade should be between a light blonde and medium brown shade. We would advise you have a close look at your natural hair colour before you decide on a cool or warm dark blonde tone.

    Tips to note:

    - If you have previously coloured your hair results can vary to that on the pack, even if your hair is coloured blonde. 

    - Not sure about the shade? Carry out a strand test on a small section of hair underneath, to test the expected colour result. 

  • How to Care for Dark Blonde Hair

    Only healthy hair with a smooth, intact outer cuticle layer will show the full beauty and colour of a dark blonde shade. The pigments responsible for the hair colour reside deep within the hair shaft and when the cuticles lay flat the hair will reflect the light allowing the full beauty of the shade to shine through. This is where colour protection shampoos are effective because aside from conditioning the hair, they also protect the intensity of your hair colour.

  • Makeup Tips for Women with Dark Blonde Hair

  • Dark Blonde Hair: Jennifer Aniston
    The warm tone of Jennifer Aniston’s complexion and the soft tones of her dark blonde hair complement each other.
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    Makeup choices can determine whether you look feminine or sassy with your dark blonde hair. Dark blonde is a soft, natural-looking colour and so using nude makeup sparingly will enhance this natural beauty. Gold, ochre and brown are ideal makeup colours for women wearing warm tones of dark blonde hair. Both the hair and complexion will have a warm glow. If your dark blonde hair has cooler tones, try using silvery makeup and if you have a light complexion, you may like to try rose-coloured or bronze blush.