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Cool Platinum Blonde with a Warm Touch

Platinum Blonde Trend
Jeanne Lanvin model Stef van der Laan combines the new couture with a modern fringed hairstyle. The front hair is allowed to fall across her forehead. The layering of her platinum blonde hair softens the metallic look
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The metallic shimmer of platinum blonde hair appears cool but can be given a warmer note by selecting soft or fringed hairstyles. Model Stef van der Laan and well-known blonde stars like Mélanie Laurent show how to style light blonde hair. We explain what it takes to go platinum blonde

  • Platinum Blonde Trend
    Mélanie Laurent and Jaime King selected a layered haircut for their light blonde hair and allow the dark new hair growth to show
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    Platinum blonde hair has a space-age character. For many, the lightest of blonde is associated with beings not of this earth. You don’t have to be angelic to have platinum blonde hair. Such light blonde hair is rarely if ever natural. It takes hydrogen peroxide (bleach) to achieve this colour. Quite often, this hair colour makes women appear somewhat distant. However, there are ways to avoid this overly cool appearance. Even the lightest blonde looks warmer in combination with soft or undone hairstyles.

    Clear yet soft lines are the secret behind the appealing looks of platinum blonde models and stars. A thick strand of hair is allowed to fall across the forehead and is brushed behind the ear (see the hairstyle of Stef van der Laan in the photo above), the long blonde hair is layered (see the hairstyle of Mélanie Laurent), the shoulder-length bob looks feminine with long flowing waves (see the hairstyle of Jaime King), or the chin-length bob is tousled after blow-drying it while pulling the hair over a round brush (see the hairstyle of Cameron Diaz). There is no longer a need to conceal dark roots in platinum blonde hair. Dark roots are accepted because they seem natural.

  • Optimal Conditions for Going Platinum Blonde

  • Cameron Diaz Platinum Blonde
    Cameron Diaz certainly looks approachable with her chin-long platinum blonde hair. The fringed haircut and the darker streaks add lightness and movement to this hairstyle
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    Your hair is ash blonde. Dark blonde is the best natural colour if you want to colour your hair platinum blonde. It is not quite so easy to colour dark brown or black hair platinum blonde.

    You wear short to shoulder-length hair. Usually, regularly trimmed short hair is healthier than long hair. The colouring results are also more uniform for shorter hair.

    Your hair is healthy. The colouring results are not optimal for brittle or otherwise damaged hair. Bleaching hair blonde is particularly hard on already damaged hair.

    You treat your hair with kid gloves.
    It is crucial not to expose your hair to damaging influences before and after colouring it platinum blonde. That includes gently dabbing your hair dry instead of roughly rubbing it dry. Gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and do not heat-style your hair unless unavoidable.

    Consult with a Schwarzkopf professional hair stylist if you are not sure whether your hair is suitable for colouring it platinum blonde.