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Embrace Chocolate With Your Hair Colour – It’s Calorie-Free!

National Chocolate Week
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This October, chocolate week is back! The nation celebrates their love of chocolate. Women especially love the rich, creamy flavour of chocolate and we want to use this irresistible colour and texture to inspire you to dye your hair. Let’s embrace this cocoa-coloured hair colour, guilt-free. After all, it is calorie free!

  • Chocolate Week is now an annual occurrence in the UK calendar. It returns this year from the 14th to 20th October where the country’s best chocolatiers including, Artisan du Chocolat, Hotel Chocolat, Rococo and William Curley come together and host tastings, demonstrations and create luxury chocolates and desserts especially for the week dedicated to chocolate.

  • What’s not to love about chocolate? The texture and sweet tasting dessert is enjoyed by many people and while we also love the rich and appealing colour… it looks even better as a hair dye.  

  • Natural Brown Hair

  • Chocolate Week
    Olivia Palermo’s large chocolate-brown waves are a perfect frame for her face. Her precise middle parting is a contrast to her shiny casual waves.
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    Being on the dark side of coloured hair is not only trendy, but also sexy. Brunettes often are described as intelligent, thoughtful and rational. Far from blending in with the crowd, this shimmering natural hue can make an elegant understatement.

  • The brown colour spectrum ranges from café latte to caramel to the deepest darkest of brown/blacks. It is said that brown is actually a mixture of many colours, creating different shades. The nuances of the hair colour can make women with brown hair look subtly different from one another.

    Of all the hair colours, brown hues have the richest pigmentation. Well cared for brown hair will ensure it looks healthy, making it beautifully glossy. You can encourage this natural shine by using natural oils from olives, argon nuts and apricot stones. Oils can condition and help build up the substance of your hair. Brunettes should use these oils as they condition the hair creating a natural, healthy shine. For best results use a repair treatment as well as these natural shine boosters on a regular basis.

  • Colouring Your Hair Brown

  • Mila Kunis
    Mila Kunis wears her chocolate look with a hint of caramel.
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    It’s easy to change from a lighter hair colour to a chocolaty brown using a number of methods including permanent, semi-permanent hair colour or an intensive tinting treatment. If brown hair is not your natural shade, the most important thing to consider before you colour your hair is matching your chocolate hue with your skin tone. Your hair colour should always be in harmony with your complexion and eye colour.

  • For those with lighter skin tones, it would be wise to stay within two shades of your natural hair colour (which most likely means keeping your hair a light to medium brown shade). Fair-skinned women should avoid very dark hair, as it may make their complexion look washed-out.

    Blondes should be cautious and choose dark colours wisely. If you have light hair and want to change the colour to brown but dread visible roots, your best solution is either using dark streaks or ‘lowlights’.

    Brown comes in many shades and each has its own charm, so you’re sure to find a shade to suit you. Be especially cautious when colouring already bleached or lightened hair. Lightening alters the hair structure and as a result, the applied hair colour may not turn out as you expected.

    Tip: Before you colour your hair at home, you should apply a petroleum jelly to the skin near the hairline. The cream prevents you from accidentally creating dark skin blotches.

    Whether naturally blessed with the colour of the nation’s favourite sweet treat or if have chosen to go darker, we hope we have inspired you to embrace this beautiful hue and enjoy it as much as indulging in a smooth, creamy bar of chocolate!