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The New Hot Hair Colours: Sunny to Velvety Brown

Trendy Brown Hair: Pucci
Ava Smith (left) and Tilda Lindstam (right) are models for Emilio Pucci. The two women almost look like twins but have subtle differences in their hair colour. Ava’s hair is velvety brown while Tilda’s brown hair appears to have been bleached by the sun
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End of February, fashion is a hot item in Milan. The Milan Fashion Week attracts designers from all parts of the world and is an important opportunity for them to introduce their new fashion creations for the fall and winter seasons 2013/2014.  Designers in Milan embraced the hair colour brown and all brown shades are in vogue, from sun-bleached to velvety brown.

Brown comes in many shades and every woman who has ever dyed her hair brown already knows that. Some artists may say that brown is a mixture of other colours which explains the many shades and nuances of brown. Brown shades in the hair colour isle range from café latte to caramel and to mahogany with every shade of brown hair having its own charm. The hair colours favoured by designers in Milan were sunny brown and deep velvety brown.

  • Hot New Hair Colours: Sunny and Velvety Brown

    Colours often reveal their true nature when we see them side by side with other colours or when we compare different shades of the same colour. Sunny brown is lighter and appears livelier than velvety brown which may form a hard contrast with pale skin and will go particularly well with black clothing. Light brown tones enhance romantic, soft, wavy and undone hairstyles and add brilliant depth to braids and curls.

    Velvety brown is classy in character and add a serious note to your appearance. Elaborate styling elements like waves, braids, curls, and twists seem to disappear in the rich deep colour. Of course, you can still use these style elements, but you could step up the styling or opt for the lighter, sunny brown colour.

    There is no reason not to combine two or more shades of brown (see our gallery). Two-tone hair (from dark to light or from light to dark) is a chic fashion statement.  

    Look through our gallery for shade inspiration.

  • Gallery: At Milan Fashion Shows, Shades of Brown are the Hot Hair Colours

    Trendy Brown Hair: Aigner

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    Brown Hair is Beautiful: Two-Tone Hair

    This model for the Aigner fashion house wears two-tone hair with velvety brown close to the roots and a lighter shade toward the ends

    Trendy Brown Hair: Scognamiglio

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    Brown Hair is Beautiful: Side-Swept Hair

    The brown hair colour adds elegance to the alluring hairstyle of this model for Francesco Scognamiglio. The model has swept her long wavy hair over one of her shoulders

    Trendy Brown Hair: Trussardi

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    Brown Hair is Beautiful: Medium-Length Hair

    The sunny shade of brown is very appealing in combination with shoulder-length undone hairstyles as this model for the Italian fashion designer Nicola Trussardi convincingly shows

    Trendy Brown Hair: Grinko

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    Brown Hair is Beautiful: The Semi-Updo

    Fashion designer Sergei Grinko selected this appealing semi-updo for one of his models. Her long hair is velvety brown. A thick strand of front hair sweeps across her forehead

    Trendy Brown Hair: Veneta

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    Brown Hair is Beautiful: Big Tousled Hair

    This model for fashion house Bottega Veneta certainly draws attention to her brown hair. Down to eye level, her hair is smooth and shiny. The lower matted portion of her dark hair is wildly tousled