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  • Hairstyles for Brown Hair

    Top Hairstyles for Brown Hair

    The colour scale for brown hair ranges from light milky brown to dark espresso brown. Whatever the colour nuance, brown hair is thicker than blonde hair, and this should be a consideration in your styling choices. Our gallery of beautiful and very flattering hairstyles may help you find the right hairstyle

    Hairstyles for Brunettes
  • Make-Up for Brunettes

    The Perfect Make-Up for Brown Hair

    Brown is an exceptionally expressive hair colour but do you know how to match your brown hair with the right make-up? Are darker and deep colours the right choice or should you rather use understated make-up? We show you how brunettes can double their beauty and glamour

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  • Colouration for Your Brown Hair

    Colour for Your Brown Hair

    A lot can be said in favour of selecting a brown hair colour. But which method is the right one for your hair, a tinting rinse, an intensive tinting or just a colour treatment?

    Colour for Your Brown Hair
  • Colouring Your Hair Brown

    You like to colour your hair brown?

    Brown hair stands for adult elegance, style awareness and maturity. Our ten tips below help you to properly colour your hair brown and create a perfect impression with your brown hair

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