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A New Hair Colour: How You Always Find the Right Tone

Do you have a yen for colour? There is no need for radical change in order to achieve the perfect colouration for your hair. The trick is selecting the right colour shades. The red and gold hues in your hair make all the difference in determining how well the new colouring flatters your face

  • A new hair colour, a new life?
    A new hair colour, a new life? In any case, the choices are endless!
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    A new hair colour can make you look younger, sexier and more sophisticated and can also give you a fresh new appearance. Unfortunately, the new hair colour can also be the wrong one for you. No wonder that many women stick to only one colour and shade. It is too bad that they don’t take advantage of the many available colour choices. It does not really take a radical change to create an entirely new look. Some very beautiful women in Hollywood show us the way. You can see them mutate their hair colour from golden blonde to reddish blonde and medium brown in sophisticated ways.

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    Nicole Kidman

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    Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman shows how well blue eyes go with blonde or red hair. Nicole Kidman wearing her hair coloured deep red ...

    Nicole Kidman

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    Nicole Kidman

    A new hair colour: Nicole Kidman ventures into the blonde-brunette territory

  • A New Hair Colour:

    Tips for the Perfect Colour Choice

    • Tip 1:

      Before you select a new hair colour, study you face without make-up under natural lighting conditions. Your complexion and the colour of your eyes and eyebrows tell you which hues are best for you

    • Tip 2:

      We recommend a trial with a tinting rinse if you want to colour your hair reddish or darker than before. You may not like the result. If this is the case, immediately apply a hair cure and wash your hair several times. This will bind the pigments and soften the colour considerably

    • Tip 3:

      Your new colour is guaranteed to look beautiful if it is close to the natural colour of your hair and eyebrows. Your hair colour, your complexion and your eyes will blend into a harmonious image

    • Tip 4:

      If the colour of your eyes and complexion is light and your skin tends to show freckles then you should not colour your hair darker than medium brown. Dark brown hair would look like a helmet against your delicate complexion. Helmets are out of favour right now! Streaks set great accents in your hair. You should select streaks in lighter shades of red such as copper-red

    • Tip 5:

      All ash hair colours perfectly fit porcelain complexions with a delicate reddish tinge and bluish, grey or greenish eyes. Even dark brown may look marvellous as long as it does not contain red or gold hues (as often seen in natural hair colours). Streaks should also represent the cooler looking part of the colour spectrum

    • Tip 6:

      Bleaching your hair is risky if you have brown or dark green eyes and olive skin because it may create a very artificial look. Instead, you should select your hair colour from a large spectrum of warm brown hues from hazel to chestnut brown all the way to mahogany. Fine golden blonde streaks look pretty against these background colours

    • Tip 7:

      Give yourself some time for reflection, before colouring your hair pitch black, platinum blonde or ‘Lola-run-run’-red. Wearing these hair colours takes a lot of courage. After all, your hair colour attracts attention on weekdays and on the way to work as well