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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Red Hair

American actress, Jane Levy’s warm coppery red is very appealing, with its natural tones.
  • It’s St Patrick’s Day, so why not celebrate the culture and heritage of the Irish and team your green attire with beautiful red hair… the perfect combination for the festivities!

    St Patrick’s Day is held annually on the 17th March and is a cultural and religious holiday for many who celebrate it. The day honours the death of the patron Saint of Ireland and the arrival of Christianity. Many people wear the famous shamrock in tribute to Saint Patrick who used it to explain the Holy Trinity. People tend to wear the colour green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, which is one of the colours in the Irish flag as well as the shamrock.

    Red hair will not only complement your green outfit this St Patrick’s Day but it also reflects Irish heritage. Many people believe red hair is native to Ireland and it’s still a popular hair colour.

    There are many red shades ranging from strawberry red to deep mahogany. We outline a few colour ideas and hope to inspire you to find the shade which suits you.

  • Natural Red Shades

  • Red-210x270

    Your red hair doesn’t have to be bold to make a statement. Soft copper hues like the model to the left, can be a stunning look.

    The model wears her copper shade casually, with loose curls. Her hair is shiny and full of lustre, adding beautiful dimension to her look.

    Red hair colour comes in many different shades, so there is guaranteed to be a perfect colour for you. If you have blonde hair you may like to try sun-kissed, strawberry-blonde or if your hair is mousey-brown you could experiment with auburn low-lights to add depth to your colour.

  • Get the Natural Look

    To achieve a natural colour it’s important to use a shade that complements your skin type. For example, warm shades (copper/reddish gold) complement yellowish, peach or golden complexions, while cool/bluish shades (cherry red/burgundy) work well with rosy or olive skin types.

    Red streaks are an effective way to introduce your new red hair colour. They enable you to have a taste of red hair so that you can decide whether it suits your complexion. Streaks are a subtle compromise when you are not ready to go fully red, but make sure you use a red shade that is darker than your natural hair colour so you can see the comparison.

    Ensure you balance your new shade with your make up so that it complements your skin tone.

    Tip: use a weekly hair treatment for coloured hair to prevent fading and maintain the lustre of your hair.

  • Bold, Coloured Red Shades

  • color-expert-210x270

    If you’re confident and looking for more of a distinctive style, there are now many home hair colourants available that offer bold and bright results.

    A vibrant red or orange shade will look great for an alternative take on the classic hair colour, for St Patrick’s Day. For an extreme colour change we would recommend carrying out a strand test first before applying a full application.

  • Get the Bold Look

    Vibrant colours tend to work better on natural blonde or lightened hair, but don’t worry if your hair is darker. There are hair colourants available that are especially developed for dark hair, which lighten and colour in one easy step, allowing you to achieve vibrant results without having to pre-lighten your hair.

    To refresh your colour between permanent applications, use a semi-permanent colouration (the colour should match your current shade). For a daily refresh, mix a small amount with your conditioner and apply evenly onto your hair. If you want a more intense colour boost, apply the semi-permanent colour directly to your hair and leave on for the recommended time.

    Another way to help maintain your vibrant colour is to regularly use hair care products and hair masks are a good place to start. Choose a mask that has been developed for coloured hair. This will help seal your hair colour and reduce fading as well as deeply nourishing and smoothing the hair. There are now one minute masks available, so there are no excuses!

    Tip: If your hair is longer than shoulder length we recommend using two packs of hair colour, to ensure maximum coverage.

    With so many red colours to choose from, we hope you’ve been inspired to try a new hair colour ready for St Patrick’s Day!