Trendy Looks 2017

Red Hot Hair

  • Red hair
    © Claude Guillaumin

    Without any doubt, right now the strongest hair colour trend is red! Red-haired models have never been so much in demand! (

    Red hair can suit anyone, from long to short hair, fair to dark skin, you just need the right shade of red for you! And as the red hair spectrum is so board, there are so many shades you can choose from. Subtle browns with a hint of red, strawberry blonde or even Pillar Box Red! Check out our amazing range of LIVE colour shades that you can choose from! Before taking on a red head role, read up on our top tips for that perfect fiery look!

  • Colouring Your Hair Red:

    Top tips on becoming a Red Head!

    • Tip 1:

      Colouring your hair red is super easy! Simple rule of thumb to start with would be, don’t colour your hair lighter than your natural colour.

    • Tip 2:

      Normally, achieving a red shade from a dark brown/black shade requires pre-lightening. First the dark pigments are removed and then the red colour pigments are added. Our LIVE Luminance shades can offer you pre-lightening and coloring all in one simple step!

    • Tip 3:

      Changing the colour of bleached hair is usually a problem but this does not apply to red hair. The red pigments will take better on lightened or naturally light hair!

    • Tip 4:

      Hair colours between blonde and red appear especially soft and natural. These colours are simply perfect for women with a light skin and green or blue eyes. Rust-coloured hair looks particularly suit brunettes with brown eyes.

    • Tip 5:

      When applying any colourant, especially red, you should take extra precaution not to also apply it to your carpets, bathroom tiles or clothing! Those pesky colourant spots can be very difficult to remove! For a home application you may want to wear a dark T-shirt or drape an old towel around your shoulders, that you don’t mind getting a stain or 2 on!

    • Tip 6:

      Apply a ‘barrier cream’ (petroleum jelly) around the hairline and ears to keep your skin colour-free. If you need to i.e. you have a fringe, just clip it back at this stage.

    • Tip 7:

      Don’t rush your hair colour decision! If you are thinking of colouring your hair red and this will be an extreme make over, think it over, discuss with friends and for their honest opinions!