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Hair Colour Trend: Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair
Who could overlook the beauty of Bella Thorne with her strawberry red hair? While the hair colour is not quite as fiery as red, it certainly commands attention
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The brightness of blonde and the fiery tone of red create the sensuous hair colour strawberry blonde. Bella Thorne is the perfect ambassador for this hair colour. We share with you our favourite hairstyles for reddish blonde hair.

  • Hair colours come in endless tints, shades and tones, all having their own individual beauty. Strawberry blonde hair with its lightness and intriguing shimmer also offers a spark of fiery red for excitement. Today’s trendsetters are particularly enthusiastic about blonde hair with light red tones. Having strawberry blonde hair is certainly a fashion statement.

  • Strawberry Blonde: Is the Hair Colour right for You?

    Strawberry blonde shades are a mixture of both red and blonde tones, creating a beautiful shade with many nuances. This shade works particularly well if you have a light rosy complexion, as the colours complement one another.

  • Strawberry Blonde: Aligning Outfits and Makeup

    Many colours work well with this shade, allowing you to experiment with your look from bright pink dresses to green jackets. The same applies for makeup, with almost any style working with the strawberry blonde colour from unnoticeable nude to bright eye shadows and lipstick.

  • Creating Great Shades of Strawberry Blonde

    If you decide to colour your hair strawberry blonde, the colour results will differ depending on your starting shade. The shade will take particularly well on a natural lighter shade than strawberry blonde. If your hair is darker the colour will be less intense (always check the recommended natural shade for the colour at the back of the pack).

  • The Optimal Care for Strawberry Blonde Hair

    It’s important to keep strawberry blonde hair healthy with an effective hair care routine. This will help keep the gorgeous reddish undertone glow. Always use shampoos and conditioners especially designed for coloured hair as well as a hair mask once a week.

    In our gallery: Bella Thorne demonstrates hairstyles, which showcase the beauty of strawberry blonde hair.

  • Gallery: The New Hair Colour Favourite is Strawberry Blonde

    Strawberry Blonde Hair: Ponytail

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    Strawberry Blonde: The Playful Ponytail

    Her long fringe is parted in the middle, framing her face. She’s gathered her hair into a low ponytail, which falls slightly over her right shoulder. Her pink top compliments the strawberry blonde shade and subtle makeup finishes the pretty look.


    Strawberry Blonde: Braids

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    Strawberry Blonde: Artistic Braids

    The shorter hair over her forehead casually frames the sides of Bella Thorne’s face. Her longer hair is braided into a large bun in the back of her head. A few lighter blonde sections create an interesting twist to her hair colour.

    Strawberry Blonde: Side-Swept Hair

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    Strawberry Blonde: Casually Side-Swept Hair

    For the opening of the science fiction movie ‘Divergent’, Bella Thorne decided to casually style her hair. Singular thin braids keep the eyes moving from one hairstyle element to another. Her dark smokey eyes and shimmering orange eye shadow, compliment her complexion perfectly.

    Strawberry Blonde: Chignon

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    Strawberry Blonde: The Cool Modern Chignon

    Bella Thorne casually styled her hair into a chignon. Her short middle parting and fringe create a relaxed yet festive style. The rich glow of her strawberry blonde hair and the fresh makeup complete the look.

    Strawberry Blonde: Chignon with Alice Band

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    Strawberry Blonde: The Chignon with Alice Band

    The young actress and singer used a black Alice band to give her chignon an entirely new look. Her long fringe covers her eyebrows emphasising the nonchalant style.

    Strawberry Blonde: Curls

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    Strawberry Blonde: Romantic Curls

    Bella Thorne’s wore her hair in soft, flowing curls at the opening of her new movie 'Blended'. Her curls, pink dress and nude makeup create a young romantic image.