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New Year, New Hair Colour

It’s that time of year again when we begin to look to the future, make a list of our New Year’s resolutions and consider major life changes. The New Year is a perfect opportunity to embrace a new image! And there’s no better place to start than with your hair. Why not change your hair colour for 2014? Whether you decide on a drastic colour change or something a little less daring, we give to you some inspiring ideas...

  • Brilliant Brunette

  • 146321733BP035_Graduate_Fas
    Daisy Lowe’s brunette locks flatter her complexion (placeholder image)
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    Are you naturally fair-haired? Or do you want to prove that not only blondes can have fun? Why not join the dark side and opt for a rich brown hue.

    Of all the hair colours, brown hues have the richest pigmentation. Well cared for brown hair will ensure it looks healthy, making it beautifully glossy.

  • Tips for Brunettes:

    • If you are going from blonde to brown, it is best to reach your darker shade in gradual steps.
    • Chlorinated water can cause lighter brown shades to have a slightly green tinge. To treat this, try rinsing it in diluted lemon juice.
    • UV protection is as important to brunettes as it is to blondes. Use products that protect your hair from the sunlight, especially when the days start to get longer again in the Spring time.
  • Scarlet Beauty

  • LillyCole_210x270_Getty-1
    Lily Cole works her rich, red hue.
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    Rock it as a redhead and try this bold colour in 2014. Depending on the shade chosen, redheads can look bold and dramatic or elegant and elf-like.

  • Tips for Redheads:

    • To keep your red hair bright between colouring, use a semi-permanent dye in a similar red shade over the top of your coloured hair.
    • Such a bold hair colour choice will attract attention, so ensure the hair is conditioned and use a hair oil to smooth the hair and prevent fly-aways.
    • With such a bold colour, don’t shy away from showcasing dark eye makeup for evening parties.
  • Ice Queen

  • 145495598BP011_Tunnel_of_Lo
    Molly King frames her face with soft, blonde waves.
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    If you want all eyes on you this winter, try going light blonde! This shade has the reputation of turning more heads than any other and will serve you well throughout the year. Shine through the dark nights and dazzle in the Summer sun with the perfect blonde shade.

  • Tips for blondes:

    • If the right shade is not chosen or the colour is not on the hair long enough then the hair may have slight tinges of yellow. To resolve this, use a blonde toning product to remove unwanted brassy tones.
    • Use shampoos and conditioner developed for blonde hair and these can combat unwanted yellow tones.
    • Lightened hair needs extra care, so indulge it in a nourishing hair treatment once a week.
  • Whatever shade you choose to go, always remember to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed to care for coloured hair.

    So whether you’re gearing up for looking your best at a New Year’s Eve party, or looking for a complete image overhaul, changing the colour of your hair is one of the easiest and most noticeable ways to achieve this. Now all you have to do is choose the colour.

    Happy New Year!