Trendy Looks 2017

Ombré and Two-Tone Hair

Ombre Hair
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The Ombré and Sombré trend has never been more popular! And now with even more colour options to explore, you can go for a more subtle, natural looking two-tone effect, or the more vibrant with a colour pop! Colour choices range from warm caramel, to vibrant red and pastel pink.

  • The word ombré means shade or shadow. In terms of today’s hair colour trends, this means that the hair colour transitions from one shade of a colour to another without noticeable borders or lines. This soft shading of colours defines ombré/sombré hair.

  • Popular Ombré Hair Colour Combinations

  • Ombré hair colouring adds a new styling element and shows off your creativity. Colour combinations may consist of two shades of the same colour or two entirely different colours. Your colour choices will depend on your style, complexion, and whether you want statement hair or if you want to go for a more natural effect. If you decide to go for a more intense or bright ombré, that contrasts with your natural hair, this will attract more attention! Check out the most popular colour combinations we have spotted!

  • Blonde paired with pastel shades

    Crisp blonde hair will look amazing with pastel shades subtly running through the ends of hair. The below how-to video shows you how to create a Turquoise dip-dye, but this shade can be replaced with any of our shades from the LIVE Ultra Brights range.

  • Brown with natural blonde shades

  • Probably one of the most popular Ombré trends – natural brown hair with a caramel/blonde Ombré tones through the ends of hair. This look is natural and easy to wear and is great to go for if you’re looking for something that isn’t too obvious. You can follow our Ombré Luxe how-to video to create this look easily at home:

  • Black hair with red/purple

  • If you have black or very dark brown hair, you may think that you wouldn’t be able to achieve an ombré effect with your hair. But with our simple how-to videos you can follow each step to create your own! We have a selection of shades in our LIVE Luminance portfolio that allow you to lighten and colour dark hair in one simple step or you can follow our how-to below which will show you how to pre-lighten and then colour!