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Two-Tone Hair Colour Ideas


Have you decided which hair colour you want to go for this season? Is it dark blonde, chocolate-brown, cherry-red or deep-black? Or maybe you are going to experiment with a combination of colours? Check out how you can create bright and bold or more natural and subtle two tone hair.

  • Two-Tone Hair Colour Ideas

    If you are thinking of changing your hair colour and want to try multi-tones, whether they are vibrant or natural, there are a few options you could go for. Check out our top 3 ideas on multi-tone hair and follow the easy steps to recreate these amazing looks at home!

    Before you try out any of these, ensure you always read and follow the instructions and perform the allergy alert test. Any permanent shades should be applied to dry hair.

  • 1. Dip-Dye

  • Step 1: Use a rubber hair bands to create at least 4-5 sections in your hair, and tie the bands where you would like your dip-dye to start.

    Top Tip: For vibrant results on dark natural hair, pre-lighten using a LIVE Lightener such as Max Blonde 00B. After mixing, apply the colour of your choice to ends below the bands and leave for 30-45 minutes, then rinse.

    Step 2: Apply your Ultra Brights Colour Cream of your choice to the lightened ends. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse.  

    Step 3: Style as you wish to show off your new dip-dye!

    P.S. If you want a red or purple dip-dye, why not try our LIVE Luminance range that lightens and colours in 1 simple step!

  • 2. Ombré

  • Step 1: Using a rubber hair band, tie the top third of your hair up in a bun.

    Step 2: Using LIVE 43 Red Passion, add the Colour Cream to the Developer Lotion and mix thoroughly.

    Top Tip: For vibrant results on dark hair, use LIVE Luminance Radiant Red. For best results, apply to naturally light or dark brown hair.

    Step 3: Work colour through the mid-lengths and ends, applying section by section. Leave for 30 minutes to develop, then rinse.

    Step 5: Style as you like and show case your new Ombré!

  • 3. Sombré

  • Step 1: Using a LIVE Lightener, such as Absolute Platinum 00A, add the Colour Cream & Booster Sachet into the bottle and shake vigorously to mix.

    Step 2: Separating out small sections, comb the mixture through the hair, starting each new strand in a different place between the roots & mid-lengths of the hair.

    For best results, apply to naturally light or dark brown hair.

    Step 3: Leave for between 30-45 minutes, then rinse.

    Step 4: Style as desired!

    P.S. For a vibrant Sombré, you can add any LIVE Ultra Bright shade over the lightened sections!

    Happy Colouring!