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2015: New Year, New Hair Colour, New You!

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A full colour transformation can be just what you need to shake things up in the New Year!

The New Year is the perfect time for a beauty overhaul and one of the easiest ways to do this is changing your hair colour! From rich, chocolate browns, to platinum or rose gold blondes, a full colour transformation or gradual ombré. This could be the perfect way to shake things up in the New Year.

When it comes to hair colour, there are so many amazing places you can turn to for inspiration like fashion and beauty blogs, Pinterest and of course the fashion magazines. Many people also look to celebrities for inspiration and want to recreate the latest hair colours and styles.

  • Once you have decided on your new shade, it is important to think about the maintenance required after. One of the first questions that should be asked is: Is the change so dramatic that you will need refresh your colour too often to keep the vibrancy? Maintaining your colour is something you need to be diligent about as you will want to avoid hair damage as much as possible but still want your hair to look amazing. Just follow our top tips on how to maintain your new beautiful vibrant colour.

    - You should wait at least two to three days after colouring your hair before washing as this will allow the colour to absorb completely into the hair. Over washing coloured hair can lead to fading.

    - It's important to put extra time into hydrating and nourishing your hair after it has been coloured - we recommend using products specifically designed for colour-treated hair. Perfect for this is the Schwarzkopf Essence UltÎme Diamond Color range, that has a colour protect formula with diamond gloss serum to seal-in hair colour to prevent fading and provide deep nourishment. Essence UltÎme Diamond Color Illuminating Oil that can be used throughout your styling regime to leave hair smooth and glossy.

    - When washing your hair, keep in mind that hot water can be particularly damaging to hair that has been coloured, so use cooler water when rinsing.

    - In between washes, you can try a colour refresh rather than a full head colour application to maintain your vibrant shade. Check out our video on how to achieve this at home.

    Simply follow these easy steps and let 2015 be the year of your new hair colour!