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Brighten Up The Dark Nights With Party-Ready Explosive Colour!

Bonfire Night celebrations are still going strong and it’s all about standing out with a statement hairstyle! Why not let your colour burst and let the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga inspire you to dye your hair this fireworks season.

  • With winter well and truly here and the evenings getting darker earlier, we gravitate more and more towards opportunities to brighten up the dark nights. Guy Fawkes Night is a well-loved annual tradition dedicated to bonfires, fireworks and celebrations to remember the gun powder plot. Firework parties take place all across the UK so why not prepare for these events with your own dazzling hair colour?

  • Colour Explosion

  • rsz_fireworks-210x270
    Katy Perry has tried many exciting hair colours throughout her career. We particularly like this bright blue shade.
    © Getty Images

    For bold beauties, why not go for a full-head, colour explosion like Katy Perry with bright blue, purple, pink, red or even copper shades. Vibrant colours and neon shades are now readily available in the shops, which allow you to easily achieve firework-bright colour at home.

  • Top Tips:

    • To get vibrant colour even on dark hair choose a hair colour that lightens and colours in one step.
    • Not sure about the shade? Do a colour strand test on a small section underneath your hair first.
  • Pastel Party

  • Del6118100
    Lady Gaga has previously been seen sporting this explosive look created by colouring sections of her hair different pastel shades.
    © Getty Images

    Add another dimension to your hair colour by adding subtle pastel hues for example, lilac pop, candy floss pink or delicate peach. Or go one step further like Lady Gaga and create an extraordinary style, which combines a collection of pastel shades in one look. The different coloured strands are perfect for fireworks night as they link to the varying colours seen!

  • Top Tips:

    • To ensure your colours don’t mix, separate your chosen sections for each shade and tie the rest of your hair out of the way when you colour.
    • When rinsing out the colour, keep the coloured hair strands away from the rest of your hair.
  • Twist-on-Tradition

  • 138766319CA050_Movie_Media_
    Model Bonnie Strange's flaming orange hair is certainly eye-catching.
    © Getty Images

    Turn heads with a twist on the traditional Bonfire hues with a vivacious radiant orange! Bonnie Strange’s flaming hair colour makes even the most intense of bonfires look dull. There are many shades that give a vibrant appearance even on naturally dark hair.

  • Top Tips:

    • Worried about using the colour all over your hair? Try a semi-permanent shade first to check you like the result without the commitment.
  • So which colour will you choose this season?!

    Whatever shade you choose, make sure your hair colour helps light up the sky this winter!