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Creative Coloured Hair

Colourful Hair
Lily Allen loves to experiment with brightly coloured hair
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The red carpet is embracing a multi-coloured hair revival. It’s no longer just gorgeous blondes and rich brunettes taking centre stage, celebs are now experimenting with the hottest hair trends that sit across the entire colour spectrum. From bright to pastel and even taupe shades, the possibilities and colour combinations are endless.  Read on to be inspired by the brave, bold world of creative hair colouring!

  • Multi-coloured hair in all tones and shades colours is all the rage among celebrities right now! Above, Lily Allen shows off her bold personality with her creative colour combination. Why not follow her lead and reveal your true colours with a new multi-coloured look!

  • Colourful Shades for Your Hair

    Lily Allen certainly embraces the multi-colour look! In the photo above, her hair mimics the colours of a sunset with soft transitions from dark purple to pink and red to bright orange. The super on-trend clavi-cut adds another edge to the upbeat colours of this style.

  • Colourful Shades for Your Hair: Chloe Norgaard

  • Colourful Hair
    No colour is off-limits for Chloe Norgaard’s ever changing hair colour
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    It seems like American model Chloe Norgaard changes her hair colour as much as she changes her clothes. Being most likely to exhaust the colours of the rainbow, her unique and extravagant hairstyles are her trademark!

    At the Elle Style Awards 2014, Chloe Norgaard combined violet and light blue coloured ends with interwoven strands of green and pink (left). The hair close to the roots shows her natural brunette hair colour adding a laid back approach while the casual beach waves add flair to this super cool style!

    For her appearance at the Belvedere Party (centre) Chloe Norgaard coloured her hair a yellowish blonde near the roots, with large sections dyed a luminescent hot pink. The rainbow look is finished with light purple strands of hair through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

    Another show another hair colouring scheme! At the Whistles Show, Chloe Norgaard appeared wearing a grunge style outfit with her hair parted in the middle and coloured in shades of neon green (right). Toward the hair ends, the intensity of the green hair colour has faded to yellow.

  • Colourful Shades for Your Hair: The Best Hairstyles for Imaginative Colouring

    Long hair (shoulder length or longer) provides you with a large canvas for rainbow-colouring your hair and showcasing your favourite colour schemes.

    The multi-coloured mermaid look is extravagant in its own right therefore keep styling simple and wear it loose with an accurate middle parting. Whether worn sleek and straight or with beach waves, this multi-tonal look is sure to turn heads. To see how easy it is to achieve the multi-colour look at home, check out our video.

    Your roots coming through can also be integrated into your new look. Adding a bold statement to the style, visible roots add another colour dimension and can be combined with anything from pretty pastel hues to wild and sassy colour blocks. Experiment with middle and side partings as well as different fringes to fit your colour choices.

  • Rainbow Colours for Your Hair: How to Care for Dye-Treated Hair

    Proper colour protection is essential for deep and lasting colour effects. Modern hair care products for colour-treated hair ensure that colours retain their just coloured look and help to prevent the shade from fading. Choose a shampoo and conditioner specially designed for coloured hair, such as the essence ULTÎME Diamond Color range, to keep colour looking great.

    If you coloured your hair using a semi-permanent colour, it’s even simpler to keep your hair looking great. Semi-permanent colours can be reapplied to the hair as often as you like to keep colour looking vibrant. Or, if you have used a permanent colour, you can keep colour looking fresh by applying a semi-permanent shade in a similar colour over the top. For example, if you are wearing a blue black shade, apply a blue semi-permanent over the top to refresh your look. Check out how to do it here.