Trendy Looks 2017

Finding the Hair Colour with Your Name on It

Hair Colour
January Jones (Mad Men) experiments with pastel pink streaks in her blonde hair.
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Are you wanting to change your hair colour? Imagine yourself blonde or are you rather partial to a warm brown shade? You may even play with the idea of surprising everybody by bringing all colours of the rainbow to your hair colour. Before you reach for the colouring kit, you might like to weigh up all your hair colour options.

  • Now is the time for a magical transformation and a new hair colour can certainly do that! Of course, your heart's desire should have something to do with your new hair colour but it’s important to consider your complexion and natural hair shade.

    You might not feel like surprising family and friends with a dramatic colour change but instead would prefer changing your colour in baby steps. A few streaks may be worth a try and they’re a good way to make sure you’ve found the perfect colour.

    If you’re not a huge fan of colouring your hair in streaks of if your hair is naturally light you might like to try a semi-permanent or temporary hair colour. This way you will be able to find your perfect new hair colour without the commitment.

    The popular two-tone or ombré look is another terrific way to experiment with hair colour without colouring all your hair (we would recommend choosing a colour similar to your natural shade).

    Have fun testing!

    Read on if you would like some help finding the right hair colour for you.

  • What Shade of Blonde?

    Blonde shades range from platinum to dark blonde. The lighter your complexion, the lighter your blonde hair can be. Beige blonde shades have been particularly popular this year. This trendy hair colour looks great in combination with slightly tanned skin and green eyes. Blue eyes and a light complexion go well with champagne blonde hair. While ash and platinum blonde enhance rosy complexions with a bluish violet hue.

  • Hair Colour: Sandra Bullock
    Sandra Bullock loves her brown hair. Above she has experimented with the two-tone look. Her hair close to the roots are dark brown but towards the hair ends turn a lighter brown.
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    What Shade of Brown?

    Chocolate brown hair compliments many complexions. The colour is a particularly good fit for confident, alluring women.

    You can put the dip dye method to good use if your hair is long and you want to make it slightly lighter. Simply dip dye the lower half of your hair light brown (similar to Sandra Bullock). Of course, you can also colour your hair lighter on top with darker ends. The colour transition should happen at about chin level for long hair. If your hair is medium length the colour should gradually change at about ear level.

    Light complexions with a yellowish or peachy tinge look very attractive with warm brown shades of hair like golden brown, chestnut or light to medium brown. Use ash brown shades if your skin is light with a cool bluish undertone.

  • What Shade of Red?

    The lighter the skin, the livelier the shade of red should be. Red shades like copper, golden red and strawberry blonde are ideal for light skin with a yellowish or peach-coloured shimmer.

    Hair colours with a touch of blue like bordeaux or purple are the best red hair colour choices for women with rosy, slightly bluish-tinged skin.

    Maintaining the vibrancy of your red shade requires extra care. So ensure to use a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to protect and seal your hair colour. Alternatively, to help boost your colour add a small amount of a semi-permanent red colourant to your conditioner, to refresh your look.

    If you can’t decide whether to colour your hair red or brown you may like to try reddish brown shades such as chestnut or mahogany.

  • What Shade of Black?

    Black hair tends to look stark and unnatural for many skin types. Black hair looks best on women with a pale ‘Snow White’ complexion. Women who colour their hair black can add dark brown streaks to impart movement to their dark hair. 

  • Want to Experiment with Alternative Colours?

    If you like to experiment with other hair colours there are many different colour to choose from. Right now, the on-trend colours are pink, purple and blue. (Katy Perry tried them all!) To achieve an intense colour result, we would recommend colouring on blonde/pre-lightened hair. You may also like to consider colouring your hair one of the various shades of grey like Kelly Osbourne.