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Pretty in Pink: Pink Hair

Pink Hair
Avril Lavigne with pink streaks and Demi Lovato with pink hair ends
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Pink streaks and all pink hair are today's hot trend. Would you like to try this sweet pink look? In our gallery, stars like Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato show the new look

  • The new young stars know all about the versatile nature of pink. It is no longer a little girl's colour. Pink rocks! Hot pink is everything but cute. Of course, there still is sweet baby pink.

    Pink hair is part of an overall style, which includes all other fashion elements like outfit and make-up. Avril Lavigne wears smokey eyes and a plunging neckline with her pink streaks. Demi Lovato's pink lips and outfit put her ponytail with pink ends into an entirely different frame.

    After the decision to colour your entire hair or only part of it pink, there are still make-up and outfit choices, which will define your style.

  • FAQ: Pink Hair

  • Pink Hair
    Pink from head to toe! Lily Allen certainly loves pink. She wraps her fashion statement with a pink bow in her hair
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    How do I colour my hair pink?
    Colouring hair pink requires applying semi-permanent hair colour (if your hair is light blonde) or applying permanent hair colour (if your hair is medium blonde), unless you want to use clip-in strands of pink hair. Dark hair must be bleached before it can be coloured pink.

    How can I gradually approach wearing my hair pink?
    If you are not quite sure whether pink hair is your style, you can first try a pink wig, use pink hair chalk or test the pink hairstyle in a photomontage.

  • What make-up colours are a good fit for pink hair? Nude, rosé, and pink shades work well with pink hair and so does black.

  • Pink and Brown Hair

  • Pink Hair
    Joss Stone and Kylie Jenner put pink streaks into their brown hair
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    Pink has the most obvious effects in blonde hair. However, brunettes can enjoy the playful colour effects as well. In Joss Stone's and Kylie Jenner's brown hair the blazing streaks set enchanting accents.

    Joss coloured individual strands near the roots, while Kylie dipped the ends of her long hair in pink colour.

    Kylie's variation is more restrained and also has the advantage of avoiding dark roots, which would require attention after a while.