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  • Simple Ways to Fuller Hair

Simple Ways to Fuller Hair

Strengthen Your Hair!
Healthy, strong and fuller looking hair is every woman’s crowning glory.
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Having beautiful healthy looking hair can be an essential accessory to any outfit. We share with you our tried and tested ways to make sure your hair is restored to its natural beauty. There are some simple tricks, which can give your hair a boost, developing it into voluminous, beautiful hair.

  • Hair often reflects the way we feel and there are easy ways to stop the dreaded bad hair day, which doesn’t involve any secret weapons. Caring for your hair following our simple tips will leave your hair gorgeous and full of lustre.

  • Care and Styling for Fuller Hair

    Your hair will become fuller if you adapt your hair care routine to your specific hair type, it’s also important not to damage your hair when styling. In time, your hair structure will improve making the hair more resilient and full of body.

    Washing your hair: You should use a shampoo that is specifically designed to strengthen hair and rebuild any damaged hair structures you may have. This will prevent breakage and create the basis for fuller looking hair.

    Don’t use too much product: Use the recommended amount of shampoo and hair care products. If you use too much, it coats your hair, reducing the natural bounce, making it flat and hard to style.

  • Drying the hair: You should dry your hair on a medium heat, using a blow dryer (remember to always apply heat protectant before using heated styling tools). When it’s still slightly damp, work a small amount of styling mousse through your hair. Once you have worked the mousse through all your hair, use the blow-dryer again till your hair is completely dry. (Your hair will look fuller and have more bounce if you use a skeleton brush to lightly pull your hair away from your scalp while you blow-dry it).

    What not to do: Never use a towel to rub your hair dry, as this will damage the hair’s outer cuticle layer.

    Styling the hair: Use volumising styling products to develop volume and bounce. Volumising powder also works well, sprinkle the powder near your hair roots, using your fingers to create instant root boost. Dry shampoo is a fast and easy styling aid to remove oil/grease from the hair and scalp, as well as providing an instant volume boost.

    Hairspray: If you decide to use hairspray you should lift small sections of hair and apply the hairspray underneath each section. After the styling is complete, apply a little more hairspray to the surface of the hair.

  • Styling for Fuller Looking Hair

    If your hair is cut well, it can make a big difference to your appearance and the look of your hair. Softly layered, fringed haircuts can also make the hair appear fuller.

    Trim the ends of your hair regularly to prevent brittle or split ends. As a result, your hair will look healthier and fuller.