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  • Beautiful Hairstyles for Pregnant Women

Beautiful Hairstyles for Pregnant Women

Hairstyles for Pregnant Women
Layered haircuts and beach waves are ideal during pregnancy
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During pregnancy, feeling good about yourself and being comfortable is extremely important when expecting a baby. Therefore take a look through our suggestions of beautiful hairstyles, which look great without a lot of effort.

  • We have good news and then we have great news! Let’s start with the great news. Due to the steady increase of oestrogen levels during pregnancy, the hair volume of many women increases by about 10 %. The higher oestrogen levels prolong the life span and resting (telogenic) phase of every hair. This leads to fuller hair and many women have the thick, shiny hair of their dreams.

    The good news is that the levels of oestrogen and other hormones return to normal after the baby is born (oestrogen levels peak in the third trimester). This is good news for weight loss efforts but unfortunately the hair volume will return to the pre-pregnancy level. The fuller hair is a bonus for dealing with all the changes during pregnancy. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Read on to see our selection of modern hairstyles, which are easy to style and maintain. Did we mention how pretty these hairstyles are even after gaining a few pounds?

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women: Casual Beach Waves

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women
    Drew Barrymore wearing casual beach waves during her pregnancy
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    Drew Barrymore’s soft beach waves captured a lot of attention and enhanced her ‘pregnancy glow’. This 'glow' relates to the increasing levels of progesterone along with other hormonal changes. Drew Barrymore’s beautiful blonde hair and casual beach waves fit this mood perfectly.

    Styling Instructions:
    Watch our video to see Armin Morbach show how to style beach waves.

  • Video: How to Create Beach Waves

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women: Modern Updos

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women
    Marion Cotillard preferred to wear updos during her pregnancy
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    The classic chignon on the top of the head is easy to style and is also a practical and elegant styling solution during the months of expecting a baby. As additional bonus, updos tend to make the face appear slimmer.

    Styling Instructions:
    Work a hazelnut-sized amount of styling mousse through your hair.
    Tease your hair before gathering it into a high ponytail at the back and close to the crown of your head.
    Twist the ponytail around itself until it naturally curls into a chignon or bun. Use hair grips to secure it in place.

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women: Short Hairstyles

  • Hairstyles for Pregnant Women
    American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal favoured a sassy short haircut during her pregnancy
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    During the course of pregnancy, many women switch from long to short hair.
    This is predominantly done for two reasons. Firstly, styling and taking care of short hair is quick and easy, plus short hair dries faster than long hair and has little tendency to develop split ends. The second reason is more personal. For first-time mothers, the change to a 'sensible' but still fashionable hairstyle is the outward sign of entering a new phase in life.

    Styling Instructions:
    Use hair wax to style individual strands on the top section of your hair upwards for an upbeat and sassy appearance.