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Quick Hairstyles and Styling Techniques for Bad Hair Days

Quick Hairstyles
Do you want to look better fast? In no time at all, you can look as stylish as Nicole Richie in this photo. All you need is a good idea and a few styling tools
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Bushels of hair go into all directions, your hair behaves like straw, and you wonder what ever happened to your haircut. If there ever was a bad hair day, this is it! Don't fret! We have some quick fixes and styling tricks for you. Down with bad hair days!

  • There are those days when every hair on your head defies all attempts at styling. You look into the mirror and marvel at the things that happen to hair overnight. Last night, your hair looked beautiful. Now, only a few hours later, any semblance of hairstyle is shot to hell. That parting must have moved by itself. Why do the hair ends feel like straw? The ponytail scrunchy left a permanent pleat in your hair, which refuses to go away. Yesterday, you had a haircut, today it is gone. Try as you may, regular styling routines will not measure up to the daunting task of dealing with bad hair days.

    This is the moment of truth and right then you also remember to check your watch. Of course, bad hair days and running out of time go together like fish and chips! Bad hair day or not, being late for work, school or an appointment is not an option. Right now, a lightning fast solution is the only solution. Is there a way to turn this bad hair day into an uplifting experience? You bet! See what tricks and solutions we have in store for you!

  • Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Quick Hairstyle Solutions

    The three Ts (tips, tricks, and tools) help you apply various styling options to get the upper hand against your hair's behaviour problems. Among the tools are hair accessories such as Alice bands, flat and curling irons, dry shampoo, and extra-gloss hairspray. Don't forget the little helpers like hair clips, hair pins and scrunchies. A bad hair day requires the entire arsenal.

    In our gallery, we address various hair problems and show you quick hairstyles and nifty tricks to deal with these problems.

  • Gallery: Quick Hairstyling

    Quick Hairstyles: Runway Dior

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    Quick Hairstyles: The Low Parting

    The Problem: The hair over the forehead is unruly.


    The Solution: Create a deep side parting, place your parting at the opposite side of your head or pin the front hair to the side using a hair slide or bobby pin.


    As unruly as the hair over your forehead or your fringes may be this morning, a hair slide or bobby pins will put you back in charge of the mutinous mess. Simply restrain that hair if it fails to behave properly. First you may also try to simply place your parting a little lower (like the Dior model in our photo) rather than close to the middle or simply go for the undone look. Your hair may behave better when forced into a new style. Smile! Now you look stylish rather than disorganised.

    Quick Hairstyles: Leighton Meester

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    Quick Hairstyles: The Sleek Look

    The Problem: The hair sticks out in all directions or the otherwise beautiful structure is gone.


    The Solution: Pull the hair very straight using a flat iron.


    The accessories you use to gather a ponytail or shape an updo may leave pronounced bends or waves in your hair. The next morning, it may therefore be difficult to style an open hairdo. Sometimes, the hair simply does not fall as desired after shampooing and air-drying. Flat iron to the rescue! Don't forget the heat protectant before using the flat iron to create the sleek look in the style of Leighton Meester. Use the flat iron to straighten your hair strand by strand. What a smooth hair day!

    Quick Hairstyles: Tina Hobley

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    Quick Hairstyles: High Volume Updos

    The Problem: The hair is limp and droops sadly.


    The Solution: Tease the hair near the roots or curl the hair ends.


    Limp hair needs more volume and structure. You can add both volume and structure to your hair with the help of a teasing comb. Tease the hair near the roots before gathering some or all of it into a ponytail or updo. You can also create more bounce and volume by blow-drying your hair with your head hanging upside down and intermittently applying some hairspray. If you have some extra minutes, roll your hair over a curling iron or use foam or plastic curlers to create soft waves. Tina Hobley shows how endearing casually styled hair can look

    Quick Hairstyles: Kate Bosworth

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    Quick Hairstyles: The Partial Updo

    The Problem: Whatever style you try, your hair does not look right.


    The Solution: Try an entirely new hairstyle!


    You tried all your previous hairstyles but this time, you don’t really like any of them. Now is the time to go ahead and try an entirely new style! You may for example like to pin up your hair on only one side like Kate Bosworth in our photo. Vary this style by adding an Alice band, or style some of your hair into a chignon while leaving the rest of your hair open. Alternatively, you may want to gather your hair into a ponytail or top it all off with a hat

    Quick Hairstyles: Jaime King

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    Quick Hairstyles: The Braided Updo

    The Problem: The haircut is no longer fresh or spiffy.


    The Solution: Use bobby pins or braid your hair.


    Quick transitional hairstyles are a heaven-sent solution on a bad hair day. Alice bands spruce up out-of-shape layered haircuts. If you are about to grow your hair longer you can twirl strands of your hair and casually pin them up in the back of your head. Crown-braided hair (see our photo of Jaime King) and loosely pinned up hair are also very practical transitional hairstyles. A classic sleek ponytail may also save a bad hair day