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World-Class Football Players and their Hairstyles


Football is now the world’s most popular sport. It’s the game played by many countries, with a total of 209 federations. With football fever reaching an all time high this month, we reflect on the hairstyles of our favourite football players.

  • Players like David Beckham, Mario Balotelli and Dante Bonfim are admired not only for their athletic ability but also for their style. Football legends tend to stay on trend when it comes to choosing their hairstyle and like to experiment with their look.

    Just in time for the football season, we introduce our team of football stars with the best hairdos.

    The styles we’ve picked are both practical and appealing for players and their fans.

  • David Beckham’s Side Parting

  • Männerfrisuren mit Seitenscheitel David Beckham
    © Getty Images

    Now retired, footballer David Beckham was not only well known for his quick footwork but also for his various, unique hairstyles. He was one of the first stars wearing the trendy side parting look. His style is reminiscent of Don Draper in Mad Men. To recreate this look the hair on the crown of your head should be thick and at least 4-5 inches longer than the hair at the sides.

    Styling: After washing, create a straight side parting using a fine-tooth comb. Then blow-dry your hair while combing the hair to one side. Use wax to give the hair dimension, shape and extra hold.

  • Dante’s Cropped Afro

  • Fußballer-Frisuren: "Dante"
    © Getty Images

    Dante Bonfim central defender for Bayern Munich, is known for his instantly recognisable afro hair. His look is popular amoung fans, with many sporting afro wigs in honour of his famous hairdo. Left, he’s sporting a cropped afro (before cutting your hair ensure your stylist knows how to properly cut afro hair).

    Styling: Style your hair while it’s still damp (you might like to start styling your Afro while you’re still in the shower). Start combing the hair ends and work your way towards the scalp.

  • Giroud’s Undercut

  • Fußballer-Frisuren: Olivier Giroud
    © Getty Images

    Centre forward Olivier Giroud is currently signed to Arsenal and will be championing his country tomorrow.

    When Giroud first started his career as a football player, he sported shoulder-length hair. Now, he wears his light brown hair, short and styled.

    Styling: Olivier Giroud’s hair is slightly undercut at the side, with longer natural curls on the crown of his head. To recreate this look, blow-dry your hair, bringing the longer sections upwards to add volume. Using hair wax bring the longer hair to one side, creating a casual parting.

  • Mario Balotelli’s Artistic Shaving

  • Fußballer-Frisuren
    © Getty Images

    Mario Balotelli, is arguably the most extroverted football player and likes to experiment with his hairstyle. His varying hairdos made him popular with Manchester City fans when he played for them in 2010.

    We love admiring his unique hairstyles and we were slightly worried to hear about his groin injury, which may have affected his chances of playing. Lucky for us, he’s had the all clear from the doctors and will be taking part.

    Styling: His look demonstrates how even very short hair can be styled in a striking way. Mario has shaved patterns on the sides of his head, but left the rest of his hair in a Mohican style. The hairstyle gives Mario Balotelli a distinctive appearance, which sets him apart from his team mates.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic Loose Bun

  • Fußballer-Frisuren: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    © Getty Images

    Captain for the Swedish national team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the world’s best strikers and he’s sure to push the Swedish team to their full potential.

    His signature style, the loose bun catapults Zlatan Ibrahimovic right to the front line of hair fashion. Right now, it’s the on-trend hairstyle for guys. Stars like Jared Leto, Orlando Bloom and Joaquin Phoenix have also embraced the chignon.

    Styling: To create the loose bun, comb the hair neatly back. Bring the hair together as if you were creating a ponytail, but only pull half the hair through the hair tie. Keep the shorter side hair in place with gel or wax.

    Footballers are certainly a unique group of individuals but they all know how to style their hair and better yet all their styles are practical for the pitch!