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Using Hair Gel

Gel-styled Hairstyles for Men
Musician Gavin Rossdale likes to experiment with his look, above he’s sporting contrasting gelled styles.
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Men can use gel to style their hair in a classy or casual way. In our gallery, we’ve chosen male celebrities and models who look great wearing the on-trend wet look. We’ve also added our top tips to help you use gel effectively.

  • There is no easier or more practical way than using hair gel if you want to completely overhaul your hairstyle without much fuss. You can use gel to style either short or long hair.

  • Gelled Hairstyles for Men from Casual to Elegant

  • Männerfrisuren mit Haargel
    Actor Colin Farrell (left) and Rupert Friend (right) have used ample amounts of gel to style their hair for a sophisticated look.
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    Gelled hairstyles may be combined with elegant or casual outfits, depending on the style you want to create. Colin Farrell and Rupert Friend (left) have used gel to give texture and dimension to their hair. To recreate Colin Farrell’s look use your fingers and evenly distribute gel through your hair, if you’re looking to try Rupert’s style use a comb and bring your hair to one side. These hairstyles look great when teamed with either a suit and tie or T-shirt, jeans and a casual jacket.

  • Gel-styled Hairstyles for Men
    These male models have applied gel throughout their hair to create their look.
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    Hair gel can be used to style long and short hair. Short haircuts with longer hair on the crown of the head can be styled with ease using a small amount of hair gel. If you want to sport an exact parting, gel can help keep the parting in place. Of course, you may prefer to sleek you hair back without a parting.

    Singer Gavin Rossdale (above) sports two sophisticated wet looks. To create the style on the right he applied gel only to the top portion of hair and tucked the rest behind his ears, while for the style on the left he used gel and a comb to sleek all his hair back into a chignon.  

  • The Proper Use of Hair Gel for Men’s Hairstyles

  • Gel-styled Hairstyles for Men
    The model above used hair gel and hair grips to create his sleek hairstyle.
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    To ensure the best possible styling result it’s important to know how to effectively use hair gel. If you allow your hair to air-dry you should apply the gel after washing while the hair is still damp. Whereas, if you decide to blow-dry your hair, you would need to apply the gel once the hair is completely dry. Less is more when you apply hair gel. Pick up a small amount of gel and distribute it between your fingers before applying. If you begin using a small amount you can always add more if it’s not enough. However, if you add too much hair gel, you might need to go back to square one, i.e. wash the gel out of your hair.

  • Special Tips for Gel-Styling Men’s Hair

    To help keep your hair straight and sleek you may want to use hair grips to keep your hair in place while the gel dries. A piece of tissue between the hair grips and hair, prevents the grips from leaving marks/indents in your hair.

    Please also note that hair gels (like hairsprays) come in various strengths. Select hair gels with less holding power for flexible hairstyles and the stronger gels if you want your hair to stay in place.

  • Conclusions:
    Before using hair gel, you first need to decide whether you want bounce and a flexible hairstyle or would rather a sleek look that keeps in place for a long period of time, as these factors will affect the amount/type of gel you need.