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Men with Quiffs

Men with Quiffs
Many stars including Chris Colfer, Nolan Gerard Funk and Bruno Mars (left to right) are sporting the high quiff. Recently, men who are wearing quiffs have made them even higher with much more volume.
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Men, who wear quiffs with body and volume, stand out and attract lots of attention as it increases their height by several inches. In order to achieve a quiff you need quite long hair at the top of the head. Read on for a few styling tips inspired by stars like Bruno Mars.

  • Men with Quiffs: Who Offers More?

  • Men with Quiffs
    German musician, Goetz Alsmann and Austrian rocker, Andreas Gabalier trademarks are their high quiffs.
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    The well-loved style icon, Elvis was famous for his quiff. Current stars, including American singer Bruno Mars, Canadian actor, cutie Nolan Gerard Funk ("X-Men 2", "Glee") and the young American actor Chris Colfer ("Glee") have all been seen with a quiff. 

  • Styling Variations for Men’s Quiffs

    Quiffs can vary depending on the length of hair at the top of the head and the close cropping of hair at the side. Below are five things that people should know about quiffs:

    1. If the hair on the side of the head is cut really short, the quiff will be the dominant feature (like Goetz Alsmann).

    2. The hair on the side of the head can be longer, making the transition from the quiff softer (like Bruno Mars).

    3. The quiff can be perfectly groomed or relaxed slightly by running your hands through the top.

    4. Grey hair can make quiffs interesting, bringing another dimension to the look.

    5. Quiffs look great if the hair is shiny, creating a striking look.

  • What do you need to have a Quiff?

    A hair dryer, (teasing) comb, volumising spray, hair spray, hair gel or wax.

  • Styling Tips for Quiffs

    1. After washing hair, use volumising spray and blow dry the hair over a round brush from the hairline to the ends.
    2. Back comb the hair on the top of the head.

    3. Apply some hair gel (for a wet look) or wax (for a flexible, shiny style) on the hands and shape the hair into a quiff. Comb the rest of the hair into shape.

    4. Spray the hairstyle with hairspray for a better hold.