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Cool Hairstyles for Men

Men’s Hairstyles
Projecting the right image is important for an actor. Sam Claflin is a great example with his cool, charming style.
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British actor, Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), is currently sporting the casual, layered cut with dark streaks. His designer stubble, suit and tie complete the casual but polished look. We explain how you can make this style work for you or your partner.

  • Previously, Don Draper and the crew of US series 'Mad Men' influenced hairstyle trends with a side-parting as well as 1960s hairstyles. Recently, the layered and slightly tousled hairstyle as worn by Sam Claflin has become more popular. In combination with the right outfit, the new style has plenty of appeal and charm. 

  • Feel Cool and Dandy Wearing Your Hair like Sam Claflin

    Sam Claflin’s hairstyle can add a youthful flair to the style of most men. Better yet, you can still try this hairstyle if you have fine or thin hair and/or a widow’s peak. This hairstyle works particularly well if you have curly hair as it adds bounce and volume to the casual hairstyle. Defining a few strands of hair using wax or gel increases its charm.

  • The Makings of a Dandy

  • Men’s Hairstyles
    Every now and then, Ryan Gosling shows his personal, charming style by wearing a narrowly cut velvet suit.
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    It takes more than the right hairstyle to look the part. You need to be diligently dressed with noticeable style and a penchant for the exceptional. To achieve this look you may like to try wearing a narrowly cut sports jacket or a well-cut suit in a neutral colour. This basic wardrobe gains its charming character through the addition of fashionable ties, silk scarfs, bow ties and shoes with dazzling shine. For an alternative look similar to Ryan Gosling, you might like to try wearing clothes made from fine materials like silk, velvet and cashmere.