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One Haircut, Six Styles

Short Haircut for Men
Wearing the same side parting every day? Experiment with a new style
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You don’t always need a new haircut to change your look - simply change how you style it.  Whether you experiment  with a fringe, a new hair colour or even pair it with a beard, you haircut is more versatile than you might originally think.  

  • Are you fed up with the way your hair looks but don’t want to get a new haircut? It may be time for change but merely in the way you style it. Take a look through our gallery below for some short hairstyle inspiration.

  • Gallery: Styling Options for a Short Haircut for Men

    Short Haircut: Matte Hair Combed to One Side

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    Short Haircut: Matte Hair Combed to One Side

    Matte hair is the trend this season. Simple and relaxed, this look is perfect for those that want a casual look. To style, sweep you hair to one side and partly across the forehead.

    Short Haircut in Combination with a Beard

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    Short Haircut: Paired with a Beard

    Whether a full beard or designer stubble, facial hair can completely change your appearance. Pair your beard with one of the short hairstyles shown in our gallery for even more style combinations.

    Short Haircut: Dyed Hair

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    Short Haircut: Coloured Hair

    Changing your hair colour will certainly be noticed. Whether you colour your hair darker, lighter or go for a bold statement with platinum blonde hair, you will certainly mix up your look. Finish it off with an asymmetric fringe.

    Short Haircut: Fringed Hair Combed toward the Face

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    Short Haircut: With a Fringe

    For this short hairstyle, the hair is combed forward over the face finishing in an uneven fringe resting on the eyebrows.

    Short Haircut: Upward Styled Hair

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    Short Haircut: Styled Away from the Face

    Not every man wants to style his hair into or across the forehead. Here the hair is styled up and away from the face, creating volume and height. Use a strong hold gel to keep hair in place.

  • Styling Options for Men with Short Hair

    Habits are comforting because we know what to expect. In the case of hair styling, this means styling becomes second nature and we become accustomed to our ‘usual’ look.

    Once your hair styling becomes a dull routine, it is a sign that it’s time to say goodbye to the old and experiment with something new. How far will you go? Whether you are ready for a style overhaul or a more subtle change, there will be a styling option for those with Short hairstyles.

    Start by modifying your existing hairstyle. You may want to incorporate one of your own ideas. Combing your hair forward or sideways are two options and even parting hair in a different place can easily change your look. Once your family and friends are used to seeing you wearing different hairstyles every now and then, you may be ready for a bigger change, such as colouring your hair - or maybe only parts of it for a start. Experiment with different styling tools and products to swap between matte and shiny or straight and wavy hair. Try using a new hair gel or test out a matte paste. Have a go at swapping between using a comb, a brush and your fingers. Most importantly, there is quite a bit of fun to be had for embracing change (even if platinum blonde hair is not for you!).