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Modern yet Timeless: The Short Back & Sides

Short Hairstyles for Men
Ewan McGregor styled his top hair into a quiff. The natural look distracts from the receding hairline and gives him boyish charm.
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Some men keep wearing the same hairstyle for years while others have fun changing it up with different cuts and colours. Whether you like the comfort of the familiar or the thrill of experimentation, we hope to give your a little inspiration to try something different. Check out our gallery of the latest modern hair trends to kick start your new do.

  • Short hairstyles never go out of style for men. Plain short hairstyles are easily accepted especially if they have a modern touch. They are neither daggy nor do they express negative attitudes; in fact they are simple, practical and manly. These hairstyles are suitable for work, sport and play with very little upkeep required, explaining why many men stick with them for years. If you like to look good wherever you go we have some great hairstyles for you.

  • Are Short Haircuts for Men Here to Stay?

    The love affair with classic short hairstyles is not going away anytime soon, so maybe it is time for a change? Check out the photos of hairstyles in our gallery for some inspiration! You may rediscover how practical and appealing short hair can be. There are plenty of choices, from Michael Fassbender’s short cut to Leonardo DiCaprio’s elegant gelled back look and Charlie Hunnam’s tousled locks. These short hairstyles appeal in part because they are easy to style and maintain. All it takes is a little hair wax, a comb and nimble fingers.

  • Gallery: Short Hairstyles for Men

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Michael Fassbender

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: Plain without a Fringe

    Michael Fassbender wears his hair short and plain. His hairstyle is suitable for all occasions. The timeless hairstyle does not obscure his facial features

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Gary Barlow

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: Layered Hair

    Singer, song writer and record producer Gary Barlow cut the side of his hair razor-short. The hair on the top is no more than a smidgeon longer but is just long enough to create a side parting. The beard gives Gary an almost tough appearance

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Farrell

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: Elegant Gel-Styled Hair

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Farrell style their hair using gel. Colin Farrell wears his greying hair without parting while Leonardo DiCaprio parts his hair on one side. This hairstyle is ideal for men with the start of a widow’s peak

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Orlando Bloom

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: Curls

    Orlando Bloom’s short haircut shows off his dark curls without allowing his hair to overwhelm his facial features

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Ricky Martin

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: Spiked Hair

    Ricky Martin’s hair spikes upward on the crown of his head for a sassy yet stylish look

    Short Hairstyles for Men: Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson

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    Short Hairstyles for Men: The Tousled Look

    Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson wear the tousled style well. The hair is styled by taking individual strands of hair and twirling them. This makes these strands stand up and stand out