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Step by Step to January Jones' Quiff

January Jones’ Quiff
January Jones wears a perfectly styled quiff with sleeked back hair, which is secured in the back close to the neckline.
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Beautiful blonde actress and model January Jones demonstrates the edgy statement that a quiff can make. In our step by step tutorial, we will explain how you can create this distinctive look.

  • Fans will know January Jones for her role as Betty Draper in TV series ‘Mad Men’, who’s wavy blonde hair is always perfectly styled. Outside the show, however, January likes to experiment with different hairstyles and colours, for example in 2012, she added subtle pink streaks to her blonde hair and for a while, she dyed her hair red. Here, January styled her bob with a large quiff and slicked back the rest of her hair to emphasise the height of her do. Here we provide step-by-step instructions to help you create this hairstyle!

  • Tools for styling the January Jones bob with quiff:

    Volumising mousse, round brush, comb, mousse, hair gel, hair grips and hairspray.

  • Hair Tutorial: How to Style January Jones’ Quiff

    1. Distribute volumising mousse through your hair above the forehead and blow-dry this hair upwards and towards the back of your head using a round brush.

    2. Backcomb the hair above your forehead. Then carefully smooth the hair toward the back of the head.

    3. At the back of your head, blow-dry the hair ends outward.  

    4. Distribute some hair gel between the palms of your hands and smooth the hair at the side of your head towards the back. Once you have completed this, gently tuck in the ends (from the side of the head) and secure the in the middle above your hairline using hair grips.

    5. Apply hairspray for overall hold.

    Watch our video tutorial with Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach for a demonstration on how to style another hairdo with quiff.

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