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Braided Hairstyles for the Ski Season

The “Heidi” look works great on the slopes for a practical yet pretty look.

Many of us in the UK are itching to take to the slopes and grab those last minute ski holiday deals before the season ends. We’ve all got an idea of what the perfect snow bunny should look like: cute hair, rosy cheeks and a glowing complexion. Of course, the reality often is more like chapped lips and unflattering ‘helmet hair’. But looking stylish on the slopes really is possible – read on for a fun, cute, winter sports look, whether you’re a master on the slopes or more of an après-ski girl!

  • Skiing and other winter sports are all about getting outdoors and hitting the snow, but don’t forget to prep your hair first. One commonly held assumption is that with helmet and hat wearing, it’s impossible to look your best on the slopes. Think again! Just because you want to conquer a new ski slope, there’s no reason for your hair to go downhill too.

    Experienced ski bunnies know that the best tried and tested hairstyle to wear while on the slopes is the trusty braid. This is both cute and trendy, and is also perfect for keeping your hair under control. So you’ll look gorgeous on and off the slopes!

    Don’t let fun on the slopes lead to an avalanche of hair problems! Here are some tips and styles you may like to try to maintain your hair whilst on the slopes.

  • 1. The Simple Braids

    If you would like a quick, simple hairstyle before gearing up for that breath-taking ski run, two simple braids are your best bet. The braids will fit perfectly under any beanie or helmet and you needn’t worry about hat hair, this look maintains its style in the most challenging conditions.

    Styling the Simple Braids

    1. Gather your hair in a ponytail at the back of your head.
    2. Divide the ponytail into two equal sections, creating a straight middle parting down the back of your head.
    3. Take one of the sections and divide it again into three equal sections.
    4. To begin the braid, cross the right section over the middle section and then cross the left section over the section, which is now in the middle.
    5. Continue the sequence in step 4, until all the hair has been braided.
    6. Secure the end of the braid using a hair tie.
    7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the other section of hair to complete the look.

    When you’re finished enjoying the mountain experience with your braids, take them out for a pleasant surprise…beautiful waves, brush through with your fingers and you’re ready for après ski fun!

    Tip: Use a texturizing salt spray for a tousled, textured look.

  • 2. The Classic French Braid

  • RitaOra-210x270
    Rita Ora elegantly wears a side French braid.
    © Getty Images

    For a more sophisticated look on the mountains, you might like to try the elegant, classic French braid. This style should keep your hair intact all day as it sits perfectly flush with your helmet or hat as well as keeping flyaways from your face.

  • Styling the French Braid

    1. Start by taking a section of hair from the top or side of your head.
    2. Separate the section into three equal sections and begin to create a simple braid (see instructions above).
    3. Now, add a small even section of hair from the right side of your head and add it to the right section.
    4. Bring the section you have just added over into the middle.
    5. Now repeat step 3 & 4 but braiding with hair from the left side of your head.
    6. Continue this process until you reach your neckline.
    7. Then continue forming a simple braid.

    Tip: Use a small hair tie, preferable the colour of your natural hair shade for a subtle finish.

  • 3. The Cute Fishtail Braid

  • 132183177PL071_Burberry_Cel
    The French actress, Solweig Rediger wears her hair off her face in a simple but effective Fishtail braid.
    © Getty Images

    For an alternative, edgy look on the slopes you may like to experiment with the Fishtail braid. The neat structure of the style makes your hair manageable and is practical as it keeps your hair off your face. The tight structure will reduce your ski helmet/hat ruining your look.

  • Styling the Fishtail Braid

    1. Create a deep side parting and French braid your hair (see instructions above) from the parting across the front part of your head to about ear level.
    2. Secure the end of the French braid with a hair tie before you begin the Fishtail braid.
    3. Divide your remaining hair into two equal sections.
    4. Separate a ½ inch wide section of hair on the outside of one of the sections.
    5. Now, pull this small outer section over the remaining section on the same side and combine it with the opposite section.
    6. Then repeat with the section which you have just added the smaller section of hair to, from the opposite side.
    7. Repeat this technique until you have finished the braid.

    Tip: Reflect the glistening snow with super shiny hair by using a hair oil or oil mist for instant shine.

  • With these braided looks you’ll not only be able to brave the slopes, in the knowledge that your hair will remain intact, but you’ll also look great for any après-ski activities!