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Hairstyles for Sports

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As we start to move into the season for charity runs and fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions, we thought we’d inspire you with our favourite endurance hairstyles. We want to ensure you look great at the finish line when you celebrate all your hard work and preparation.

  • Spring is traditionally the season for many charity runs; where keen runners display their hard work. It’s also the time when we’re all thinking about the upcoming warmer weather and getting fit for the summer. Consequently, many of us are spending more time at the gym and braving the outdoors for the first time after the long winter months. We show you tried and tested, activity-proof hairstyles that will stand the distance and endure anything from a short morning jog to a full 26 mile run. Ideally, hairstyles for runners can be quickly styled, stay in place for as long as required and keep the hair away from the face. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t still look modern, stylish and appealing.

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    Get the look – Classic Ponytail

    If you’re looking for a no-fuss, quick hairstyle the classic ponytail is for you. Allyson Felix, a US American athlete, shows us how beautiful the simple ponytail can be with minimal makeup.

  • Styling the Classic Ponytail

    1. First, prep your hair by straightening it (remember to always use heat protectant spray before using heated styling tools).

    2. Use a comb and bring your hair back into a tight ponytail at the crown of your head and secure with a hair tie.

    3. To help tame flyaways spray a lightweight hair oil onto your hair, this will give you instant shine as well as taming unwanted frizz.

    4. You may like to wear a thin head band to remove any hair strands from your face, alternatively if you have a fringe you could style it into a quiff; holding it in place with hair grips.

    Tip: Choose a hair band with a similar colour to your hair, for a subtle look.

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    Get the Look – French Braids

    If you’re looking for more of a sophisticated hairstyle you make like to try styling your hair in French braids. Swedish high jumper, Emma Green has kept her hair out of the way with two stylish French braids. The different tones in her blonde hair come through in this hairstyle, adding another dimension to the look.

  • Styling the French Braid

    1. Start by separating your hair down the middle, creating two sections either side of your head.

    2. Beginning on one side of the head, divide the hair nearest your forehead into three equal sections and begin to create a simple braid against your head.

    3. Once you have the beginning of the braid, add a small even section of hair from the right side of the section your braiding and add it to the right section of the braid.

    4. Bring the section you have just added over into the middle.

    5. Now repeat steps 3 & 4 but braiding with hair from the left side of the section your braiding.

    6. Continue this process until you reach your neckline.

    7. With the remaining hair continue forming a simple braid.

    8. Follow the same instructions for the other braid.

    French braids are perfect if you have long hair, for a hassle free style while you run. However, if you have slightly shorter hair, you might prefer to leave your hair down styling your fringe in a simple French braid.

    Tip: For a slightly more casual look loosen the braids slightly, allowing a few small sections of hair to frame your face.

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    Get the Look - Chignon

    If you have hair longer than shoulder-length a chignon may be better suited for you. Funmi Jumoh’s, American long jumper opted for a tidy chignon with French braid accessory. This tight formed hairstyle is practical when taking part in sports like running as it won’t fall out.

  • Styling the Chignon

    1. Firstly create a French braid on one side of your head (see instructions above).

    2. Then bring all your hair plus the French braid in a ponytail near the nap of your neck.

    3. Create volume by back combing the hair near the hair band.

    4. Twist the ponytail and form the chignon around the hair band, using hair grips to hold in place.

    5. Next, smooth flyaways with hairspray.

    Tip: Using hairspray can help your hair stay in place and survive even the hardest workout.

    We hope you can find some time between your sporting activities this spring to try one of our beautiful sporting hairstyles!