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Countdown to the Perfect Hairdo before Saying “I Do”

Bridal Hairstyles
Only the most glamorous hairstyle is fit for your wedding day. The stylish long bob with large waves creates a modern look. This gorgeous bob also has the advantage of being easy to style
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Planning a wedding and pulling it off without a hitch is no small feat. There are no minor details in a wedding. Planning ahead is of the essence, and this applies to the hairdo as well. About four weeks before the big day, you should start conditioning your hair for the wedding day hairstyle. There may be still time to change your mind about the perfect hairdo for the wedding. In our gallery, we suggest a few beautiful bridal hairstyles and provide instructions

  • Few events in life surpass the significance of the wedding day. Girls and young women dream of this perfect day in their lives. Of course, they want to look their very best for the occasion. For the bride this includes wearing a wedding dress, which is not only beautiful but also expresses her style. The same applies to the hairdo. Brides have countless choices, which can be focussed only by matching them to the bride’s dreams. You and your groom may prefer open flowing hair, an elegant updo or sophisticated braids. On this day, the choices are all yours. Any style goes as long as it is well planned and executed.

  • Looking Forward to the Perfect Bridal Hairdo:

  • Bridal Hairdo – Four Weeks before the Wedding

    There is a connection between looking good and feeling good. The right hairstyle is a big part of feeling confident. The bridal hairdo is particularly important. Take your time to select the right hairstyle for this very important day in your life.

    Do you want to treat your hair to a perm or is your heart set on a stylish short haircut? Hair extensions are an option as well. You may simply want to cut the ends of your hair for healthy looking hair. Your best friends may be willing to be your style consultants and help you select the style, which fits you, your style and the style of your wedding dress.

    Bridal Hairdo – Three Weeks before the Wedding

    About three weeks before the wedding and after you have made your decision about the hairstyle, you should make an appointment with your hairdresser. You may not feel positive about a new haircut or a new style. However, there is time to make your peace with the new or improved style.

    Bridal Hairdo – Two Weeks before the Wedding

    Nothing beats the glow of radiant lustre in your hair and nothing looks less appealing than partially faded hair colour with an abrupt colour change near the roots.

    The best time to refresh your hair colour is two weeks before the wedding. Now is the time to decide whether you want to use semi-permanent or permanent hair colour. The most important factor in this decision is how comfortable you will be with the results. Close to the wedding is not the time for daring experiments. Simply select your favourite hair colour. With your hair freshly coloured you are now ready to make decisions on your make-up and the hair styling. Let the fun begin!

    Bridal Hairstyles – One Week before the Wedding

    Updos are the front runners among bridal hairstyles. Elegant large chignons, romantic braided hairstyles and teased sixties updos are also very popular. A little bit of courage will put you ahead of the crowd. You may like to try some hairstyles on the extravagant side. The 1940s and 1960s hairstyles provide perfect blueprints for beautiful bridal hairdos.

    You will feel calmer about your hairstyle choices if you have a hairstyle rehearsal about a week before the wedding. To be on the safe side, you may want to practice every styling step. This cuts down on the jitters before the wedding ceremony.

    Bridal Hairstyles – One Day before the Wedding

    It is best to shampoo your hair the day before the wedding ceremony. The next day, your hair will be particularly beautiful and manageable. Blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down and work a little styling mousse through your hair. This will give your hair the necessary volume and bounce, and it will also help to keep your wedding hairstyle intact for many hours.


  • In his video, Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style an elegant updo with hair accessories.

  • Video: How to Style Updos with Added Hair Accessories

  • See whether you find your wedding hairstyle in our gallery. Styling instructions are included.

  • Gallery: Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

    Bridal Hairstyles Mischa Barton

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    Bridal Hairstyle: The Casual Sixties Upd

    What bride would not like to look as attractive as Brigitte Bardot on her wedding day? Actress and occasional model Mischa Barton presented Rosa Clara bridal gowns wearing this sixties updo.


    Styling: Tease the hair on the top back of your head before styling it into an exciting sixties updo (see link at the end of this page). Leave strands of front hair out of the updo and allow these strands to casually fall along the sides and into your face for a soft feminine look

    Bridal Hairstyles Julianne Hough

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    Bridal Hairstyle: Romantic Braids

    Julianne Hough looks sweet with her pretty crown braids. Brides who prefer a romantic wedding love this attractive hairstyle. Pearls, flowers or ribbons can be integrated into the braids for an even more romantic look.


    Styling: Create a long side parting and divide your hair into three equally wide strands on one side on the crown of your head. French braid your hair close to your head from the crown of your head toward your ear and then all the way to the neck. If your hair is long continue with a simple braid. Fold this simple braid under and secure it with hidden bobby pins

    Bridal Hairstyles Wavy Long Bob

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    Bridal Hairstyle: The Wavy Long Bob

    This wavy long bob in the 1950s style looks trendy yet elegant. This bridal style works well if you prefer a simple look


    Styling: The waves can be created using a curling iron. Work styling or curling mousse through your hair before curling it strand by strand. Finally, use your fingers to pull the waves into shape. Run a wide-toothed comb through your hair if you prefer to create an undone look.

    Bridal Hairstyles Jennifer Hawkins

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    Bridal Hairstyle: The Elegant Chignon

    Jennifer Hawkins wears a simple chignon in the upper back of her head. Simple styles like this one have their place among the favourite bridal hairstyles. It is easy to style this extra-large chignon.


    Styling: Tautly gather your hair in the top back of your head. Use a chignon donut to style the festive extra-large chignon.

    Bridal Hairstyles Carolina Herrera

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    Bridal Hairstyle: The Sleek Classic Hairstyle

    Veils look best over a simple hairstyle. In our photo, hair is parted in the middle and styled close to the head. The plain sleek look enhances the bridal fashion by Carolina Herrera.


    Styling: Use a flat iron to straighten your entire hair before creating the long accurate middle parting. Hair gel helps to keep every hair in place. Gather your hair into an austere ponytail in the low neck. This style is also suitable for short hair.

    Bridal Hairstyles Vera Wang

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    Bridal Hairstyle: A Symmetric Hairdo

    Is your heart set on an extravagant bridal hairstyle? This hairstyle may be exactly what you are looking for. It is a combination of big hair, large waves and semi-updo. Models for Vera Wang showed new bridal fashion wearing their hair in symmetrical semi-updos.


    Styling: Use volumising powder before you style this hairdo. Create an accurate side parting and divide the front side hair into two equally large strands. Tease these two side strands before folding them up toward the crown of your head to create a large wave structure. Secure the side hair with bobby pins and use hairspray for optimum hold.