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Hairstyles with Centre Parting

Hairstyles with Centre Parting
A centre parting is timelessly beautiful. Keeping your style casual and undone is appealing, laid-back and feminine.
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No two centre partings are alike. It’s just a question of how they are created and how the rest of the hair is styled. We’ll show you a range of looks, from inexact partings paired with messy-chic styles to a straight parting with a wet look. We also have one or two variants that you’ve probably never seen before…

  • A centre parting is a true classic that can be styled in many different ways. Those who consider it slightly dull or ordinary will soon think twice, as the centre parting can be pepped up and styled in some rather extraordinary ways.

    Take a look at different centre parting styles in our gallery and get tips on how to create them.

  • Gallery: Beautiful Hair Styles with Centre Parting

    Style with Centre Parting for Two-Tone Hair

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    Hairstyle with a Centre Parting and Two-Tone Hair

    Combining a centre parting with the trendy two-tone look shows that it is truly a classic style.  With its vertical lines, the parting brings perfect symmetry to the horizontal two-tone colour.

    Style with Centre Parting and Half Ponytail

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    Hairstyle with a Centre Parting and Half Ponytail

    The centre parting can also be used with elaborate styles. For example, style the left side of the parting down across your face and pull the right side away from the face. Sweep half the hair up and pin loosely to the back of your head.

    Styles with Centre Parting and Wet Look

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    Hairstyle with a Centre Parting and the Wet Look

    The centre parting takes on a particularly sexy and striking appearance when teamed with a fashionable wet look. Looking as if you’ve just stepped out of the rain, the effect is sleek and refreshing. To style at home, create a precise centre parting. Rub some hair gel into your hands and run through dry hair. Comb into place, fix with hairspray, lightly blow dry and you’re done!

    Hair Styles with Centre Parting and Soft Waves

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    Hairstyle with a Centre Parting and Soft Waves

    A centre parting combined with waves is a very simple look. The parting doesn’t need to be perfect and the hair can be artfully undone. Relaxed and laid-back is the effect.

  • Hairstyles with a Centre Parting are anything but average

    The centre parting enjoyed one of its heydays in the 1970s, during the hippie era. This straightforward, simple look associated with 'flower power' is very well known: long hair with a centre parting. The style has lost none of its popularity since then as the great thing about a centre parting is its timelessness and adaptability. Elegant and mature with smooth, silky hair, or fresh and playful in a messy, matte style.