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Five Most Compelling Reasons to Try a Layered Haircut

If you are thinking about changing your hairstyle, why not try a layered cut? Layering will allow your hair to move freely and provide an upbeat sense of movement. Below we have outlined five reasons why you may want to try a layered haircut.

  • Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, straight, long or short, it can be shapelier and sassier with a good layered haircut. Layered hair can uniquely express your style and attitude and is easy to style and manage.

    Here are five reasons to try a layered haircut:

  • 1. Layered haircuts are the basis for structured hairstyles and allows the hair to move freely
    Layering hair is recommended for very thick as well as thin hair. The bulk of thick hair is reduced, while thin hair appears more structured. Quite often, thin hair looks limp and clings to the scalp. Layered hair will help make the hair appear thicker.

    2. Women can look younger with layered hair
    Layered haircuts have been around for a long time and are a good basis for young looking, casual hairstyles, which softly frame the face.

    3. Layering controls the hair volume
    Layering creates the appearance of having more hair. For extra volume, simply apply volumising spray to the roots and blow-dry the hair using a medium-sized round brush. Alternatively, massage volumising powder into the hair roots when the hair is dry.

    4. Layered haircuts work for long and short hair
    Layering gives long hair a structured modern appearance and provides texture for short hair. Layered haircuts can be varied by adding a fringe or highlights.

    5. Layered hair is easy to style and maintain
    Simply distribute hair wax into your hands and use your fingers to define and accentuate individual strands of hair. Short hair looks elegant if you apply gel and sleek the hair back. Long, layered hair can be styled in voluminous curls or left to casually fall over your shoulders in uncomplicated undone strands or waves.  

    In a nutshell, layering your hair is a practical option to achieve a large variety of structured hairstyles with appealing movement and pizzazz.