Trendy Looks 2017

Modern Short Hairstyles


Sleek Bob or Pixie? Clavi-cut or choppy crop? There is a tailor-made short haircut for you - depending on your hair’s volume, structure and the shape of your face.

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  • The Perfect Haircut

    Illustration: Kräftiges, krausses Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Tight Curls

    The shorter the tight curls the harder they are to manage! Longer hair falls heavier and the tight curls are usually a little less frizzy. In most cases, a graduated haircut works well for strong tight curls but geometric haircuts can appear too rigid and compact.

    Illustration: Feines und glattes Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Fine Straight Hair

    If you have fine straight hair you should avoid extremely feathered haircuts and thinned out ends. Blunt and geometric cuts like a bob or boy cuts are great for this type of hair. Short haircuts are ideal if you have a lot of hair but the individual hairs are thin. But adding a few highlights can make hair seem like it has more volume.


    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Thin Curly Hair

    Stepped haircuts are ideal for thin curly hair. The covering hair should not be cut too short. Otherwise, there will be tight curls on top of the head, while the ends of the hair appear almost straight. This hair type is particularly suited for a super-short pixie haircut.



    Haircuts for Thick Straight Hair

    Thick hair is an enviable asset! If think hair is cut short, then it should be made to look lighter by adding steps throughout the hair to reduce heaviness. In this type of haircut, the hair underneath the long covering hair is cut relatively short and paired with a soft fringe can finish this look.