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Gorgeous Beach Waves

Gorgeous Beach Waves

Summer has arrived and whether you’re jetting off or catching some rays in the back garden we want to share with you the tips and tricks to create the ultimate summer hairstyle: Beach Waves!

It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking some seriously long locks or a neat bob you can still add some summertime flavour to your hair and get that effortless “just back from the beach” look.

  • First, let’s make sure you’ve got all the tools:

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    Step 1: Spray your towel-dried hair with got2b Beach Matt Salt Spray and comb through.

    Step 2: Whilst blow-drying, scrunch and twist your hair to create gorgeous texture and then use a brush to gently dishevel.

    Step 3: Add definition to your tresses with a curling tong. To keep your style looking natural, leave the last inch of your hair straight.

    Step 4: Do the twist! Separate a small section of hair from the front of your parting and twist. Use a hair grip to secure the twist to the back of your head and then repeat on the other side.

    Step 5: If your hair is long enough, tie the ends of the twists in a bow for a cute touch.

    Step 6: Apply 1 or 2 pumps of got2b Oil-licious to your hair to tame frizz and a spritz of got2b Salt Spray for the final touch!

    You can follow the steps with our got2b video guide as well:

  • Now you’ve got the ultimate summer look just follow our three top tips for hair care during the warmer months and you’re all set.

    1.     Don’t forget to cover your hair. Hats and scarves not only provide UV protection but can also help your scalp to retain moisture.

    2.     Remember to condition. You’re going to need as much moisture in your hair as possible to keep it healthy all summer long.

    3.     Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush and avoid any tangling or breakage when you come out of the pool or the sea.

    Enjoy the sun and remember to send us all your best holiday hair snaps on Instagram using the tag #got2buk! We’d love to see and share with our followers.

    As always you can find lots of inspiration on our Schwarzkopf Pinterest page.