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Business Class: Professional Hair Styles

Business Class: Professional Hair Styles
Fit for the business world with a professional hair style
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Bobs, chignons and ponytails are classic hair styles. They are fit for professional settings and express your career-oriented style. While understated, these hair styles are also feminine and elegant, and they offer a lot of room for creative styling. You are going to look reliable, serious and competent with these hair styles. Read on to see what kind of looks help or hurt your career. We also like to keep you from committing the style faux pas, which can crash land your career plans before they had a chance to take off

  • For a long time now, bobs or shoulder-length haircuts are considered optimal for professional women. These haircuts may be stepped, include fringes (bangs) and they may be long or short bobs. Whatever the details are, the timeless style is smart enough for today's environment. Short haircuts must be well kept. Otherwise, they appear disorganised and reflect badly on the wearer. Many associate a disorganised appearance with sloppy work ethics.

    More than shoulder-length hair is best gathered in a ponytail or pulled into an updo. Hair falling into the face and impeding eye-to-eye contact makes you appear unfocussed and distant.

    Chignons and ponytails are the all-time favourite professional hair styles. Safely held in place with hair spray, these hairdos are perfect for professional settings whether they are worn sleek or curly, open or braided, parted or not. Best of all, these hair styles can be modified in no time at all. Quite often, even the smallest modifications have appealing effects.

  • Professional Hair Styles – Less is More

    Professional women should avoid hair style blunders like wild curly tops or excessively teased hair. Over the top styling signals a lack of professionalism and is out of place in business settings. Hairdos involving heaps of gel, hair gloss or wax appear very stiff. This may easily suggest an equally inflexible attitude.

    Very fanciful looks are also misplaced in workaday life. After all, you like to be respected as a serious professional. Understatement suggests competence. Ostentatious or glamorous looks are therefore unsuitable for professionals. You better think twice before opting for unnatural hair colours or flamboyant hair jewellery. Flower slides and bows are out, unless you work as a moderator for an extreme fashion show.

  • Stylish Hair Styles for Professionals

    Professional Hair Styles

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    Professional Hair Styles: Sleek Low Chignon

    No other hair style suggests serious reliability more than the chignon. Right now, the sleek look-chignon combination is very much in vogue. Simply work a hazelnut-sized amount of gel through your hair from the roots to ear height. Then part your hair and comb it back. Twist your hair into a chignon in the nape of your neck.

    Professional Hair Styles

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    Professional Hair Styles: High Ponytail

    The smooth, shiny hair is gathered and a small strand of hair is wrapped around its base. This high ponytail is fit for the office and does not appear girlish. Distribute some heat protectant through your hair and pull it through a flat iron strand by strand. Gather the hair high in the back of your head using a scrunchy. Then wrap a small strand of hair around the scrunchy and secure it with a hair slide. Finally, apply some high-gloss hair spray.

    Professional Hair Styles

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    Professional Hair Styles: Low Ponytail with Teased Hair above it

    The hair above the low ponytail is teased for a more sophisticated profile. Create a middle parting, tease the top hair strands in the back of your head and cover them with hair from the crown of your head. Gather your hair in the nape of your neck and apply some hair spray. It’s simple!

    Professional Hair Styles

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    Professional Hair Styles: The Long Bob

    The bob looks elegant with the ends of the hair pointing down or inward. Distribute volumising mousse in your damp hair. Then part your hair low on one side. Blow-dry your hair while first pulling it down and then inward over a round brush. After distributing some hair gloss in your hair, use a hair slide to secure the hair on the parted side behind your ear.

    Professional Hair Styles

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    Professional Hair Styles: The Curly Ponytail

    The hair is gathered in the back of the head and loosely secured with hair pins. In this clever hair style even the tightest curls are controlled for a day in the office. Use a scrunchy to gather the hair in a high ponytail. Then take the ponytail and once more pull it through the scrunchy but only halfway. This creates a loop. Wrap the hair ends around the scrunchy and secure them with hair pins. Finally, pluck the loop apart to give it shape and volume. You may like to pull out some hair strands and secure them with hair slides any way you like. Apply some hair spray to provide hold.

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