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Style Focus: The Ponytail


Simple, elegant and fully customizable – the ponytail is a style that every girl should have in the locker. Perfect for work, a night on the town as well as hitting the pavement on a jog! Its versatile nature has led it to become a mainstay of the fashion world.  In short: we love it!

We’ve got five of the best ponytail styles for you to try out, so read on and get styling!

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    The Sporty

    Here’s a no-brainer for the sporty girls. Seen on the pitches and on every jogging track across the country.

    Style Tip: Rub a small amount of wax between your palms and smooth over the top of your hair before tying into a medium high pony with your trusted Alice band.

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    The Knot

    Perfect for stylistas on the go. The hair style works best with slightly wavy hair but can also be accomplished with straight hair.

    Style Tip: Sprinkle a small amount of got2b Powder’ful into the roots for added volume. Then into the hair just below the two knots to keep the loops from slipping.

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    The Triple

    Three becomes one! First the top ponytail combines with the intermediate one and both cascade into the neck ponytail.

    Style Tip: Gather three large strands of hair from the back of the head; from high up near the crown of the head, the next one about midway between the first ponytail and the neck and lastly the lowest one in the neck. Secure in place with got2b Happy Hour Hairspray for perfect 24 hour hold.

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    The Twist

    Let’s twist again! On both sides, a strand of hair is twisted around as it is guided from the temples toward the low-neck area. Both strands are then combined to a ponytail.

    Style Tip: Wrap a wide strand of hair around the scrunchy to hide it.

  • Katy Perry Frisuren
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    The Geometric

    Here’s a high fashion pony style. This runway variation consists of two wide sections of hair pulled from the front of the head and crossing over at the back.

    Style Tip: Note how the hair is combed close to the head, while at the back the wide sections of sleek hair cross over before being fixed into the ponytail.

  • Which style is your pick? Stay tuned for more Style Focus articles as we give you the lowdown on more classic styles for you to try out at home. Braids, knots, plaits, fringes; we’re taking the styles off the catwalk and giving you the tools to create at home.

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