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Updos for Medium-Length Hair

updo instructions
Rooney Mara has gathered her medium-length hair in a high chignon. The hair across her forehead is draped round towards her chignon like one side of a bow.
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In our photo gallery, we show you casual to sophisticated updo styles. With our step-by-step instructions your updos will turn out stylish and will last throughout the day.

  • Shoulder-length hair is sufficient for most updos and may actually be preferable for casual updo hairstyles as short stray strands of hair may fall out, softening the style and making it look casual. 

  • Styling Instructions: Rooney Mara’s Chignon with Hair Bow across the Forehead

    If you prefer styling your shoulder-length hair in beach waves or a trendy bob, you may want to consider adding a few casual and elegant updos to your portfolio of hairstyles. Rooney Mara demonstrates how a surprising style element like the hair bow across her forehead can spice up the familiar high chignon. Simply follow our step-by-step styling instructions to create your version of this classic hairstyle.

    Styling Tools: Styling comb, extra-gloss hairspray, hair gel, hair band, hair grips, and hairspray.

  • Styling Instructions:

    • Comb your hair straight and apply extra-gloss hairspray.
    • Use a styling comb to separate a strand of hair above your forehead, a short parting should naturally form from the hairline upwards towards the crown of the head.
    • Apply a small amount of hair gel to help manageability when styling.
    • Gather the hair at the back of the head and create a high chignon. Drape the separated section of hair across the forehead in a bow like shape. Secure the end of this bow on the opposite side of the head using hair grips.
    • Use hairspray to secure the hairdo and ensure a long lasting finish.

    You will find several other beautiful updos for medium-length hair in our photo gallery. Step-by-step instructions are included.

  • Gallery: Updos and Instructions

    Updo Instructions: Amber Heard

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    Amber Heard with Updo

    Actress Amber Heard has pinned her medium-length wavy hair into a casual chignon, which has been styled just above her neckline.

    Styling Instructions:
    Apply dry shampoo, and then slightly tease the hair near the roots to give your hair the necessary bounce. Using curling tongs create waves and curls; ensuring you apply hairspray to help the curls keep their shape. Loosely fasten sections of hair with hair grips at the back of your head to form a casual chignon. Finally, secure the hairdo with more hairspray.

    Updo Instructions: Dianna Agron

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    Dianna Agron with Updo

    Simplicity works! Dianna Agron demonstrates a feminine and pretty, simple chignon teamed with a modest makeover.

    Styling Instructions:
    Firstly, remove excess oil from your hair using dry shampoo. Gather all your hair and create a high chignon near the crown of your head. If you have medium length hair, it is normal for a few stray strands of hair to naturally escape the updo and this will soften the style around the frame your face. If you are partial to formal looking updos you should use hair grips to keep those stray strands of hair in line off your face. Depending on the shape of your face, you may wear this updo with or without a fringe.

    Updo Instructions: Jaime King

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    Jaime King with Updo

    Jaime King uses a pretty Alice Band to keep her playful updo in place.

    Styling Instructions:
    Create a middle parting and on either side of the head create two French braids. Once you have created the four braids gather them together with the rest of the hair and form a chignon at the back of the head. Apply hairspray for extra hold before adding the Alice band as a pretty accessory.

    Updo Instructions: Nicole Richie

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    Nicole Richie with Updo

    Fashion designer, actress, and author Nicole Richie has styled her medium-length hair into a French twist, leaving her long fringe to frame her face.

    Styling Instructions:
    Apply volumising powder and slightly tease your hair making it look fuller. Gather your hair at the back of your head and tightly fold it into a banana shape. Using hair grips secure the French twist creating a strong hold. Blow-dry the long fringe so that it casually falls into your face. Apply hairspray for all-day hold.


    Lily Collins with Updo

    Lily Collins’ classic low chignon with middle parting demonstrates the timeless elegance of this hairstyle. 

    Styling Instructions:
    Firstly, create a middle parting. To make the updo style look sleek and smooth it is important you straighten your hair. Gather all but one section of hair into a ponytail styling it slightly off-centre and close to the neckline. Now tuck the end of the ponytail under itself to form the chignon and securing the ponytail end with hair grips. Pull on both sides of the folded ponytail to create a wider chignon. Finally, drape the extra section of hair around the ponytail base. This covers the hair band and adds an elegant accent to this otherwise simple classic hairdo.