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Elegant Hairstyles for a Cocktail Party

London Cocktail Week
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London Cocktail Week takes place between the 7th and 13th of October this year, showcasing the best of London’s drink mixing creations and bar skills. We know not everyone will be attending the various tasting master classes, pop-up bars and parties that will be happening around London this week. But, why not attend a cocktail party closer to home or even better, host your very own? Parties are a great way to show off a glamorous, elegant or playful hairstyle teamed with a gorgeous dress.

  • There’s no better excuse to enjoy a tipple than at a cocktail party. However, every party invite brings the challenge of coming up with a unique, appropriate outfit and hairstyle to match the occasion. Not to worry. We have some elegant and glamorous ideas that are easily achieved and will look fantastic no matter what style of party you attend.

  • Twirled Hairstyles

  • Twisted and twirled hairstyles are a popular trend for parties. They look artful and elegant for an evening of cocktail drinking. This glamorous hairstyle is quick and easy to create and looks great at any party!

    To achieve the look of Taylor Swift (above), your hair needs to be at least shoulder length. Curly hair is typically used to create this hairstyle, if you have straight hair you can use curling tongs to create large, loose curls.

    • After shampooing, towel your hair dry and work curling mousse through it.
    • Once you have used the mousse you can either allow your hair to air-dry or use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment (this will give your hair added volume).
    • Part your hair in a side parting.
    • Gather the front section of hair and twist it around on itself.
    • Use a small comb or clip to secure the twisted section above your ear.
    • For extra hold, use hair spray.
  • For Taylor Swift’s version of this look, follow the steps above to create the front twirl and then gather your hair to one side and secure it with a hair band at your neck near your ear. Pull out a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair band, securing it with hair grips behind your ponytail. The small section of hair will cover the hairband creating a sophisticated and elegant look. Run your fingers through the ponytail whilst tousling your hair, applying hair spray.

    Taylor Swift gives this look the added party edge by complementing her hairstyle with beautiful and eye-catching earrings. An occasion like this calls out for some statement jewellery for a touch of glamour and elegance.

  • Semi-Updos

  • Ashley Tisdale
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    A semi updo may be the perfect solution for a cocktail party. It allows you to show off your hair length, keeping the elegance of an up-do with sections of hair tied behind your head. Again, this hairstyle is perfect for those of you heading out for a mid-week cocktail party who don’t have the time to spend  hours in front of the mirror styling your hair. This hairstyle is ideal to express both your classy and playful sides, offering the best of both worlds – elegance and alluring femininity.

  • How to achieve this look:

    • Blow-dry your hair as usual.
    • You can either allow your hair to flow naturally or use straightening irons if you have curly or wavy hair to create a sleeker look.
    • Using volumising powder tease a section of hair on the top of your head to create volume.
    • Gather the top of your hair together and secure it with pretty clips about midway up the back of your hair.
    • When securing your hair leave out sections that frame your face (this look also works well with a fringe).
  • Whether you’re able to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to visit some of London’s hottest bars or plan on attending, maybe even hosting, a cocktail party, we hope you have been inspired to create a look to match the inventive and embellished cocktail in your hand! Cheers!