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DIY French Twist Versions

Easy Updos
Reese Witherspoon’s updo is easy to create yourself.
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To get you started on your own creative updos we show you how to style two versions of the French twist. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to create Reese Witherspoon and Adele’s glamorous updos.

  • Before you begin to create your French twist, apply volumising mousse to damp, washed hair. Then blow-dry your hair upside down to add volume to the roots.

  • How to Style Reese Witherspoon’s Modified French Twist

    1. To achieve Reese Witherspoon’s chic French twist, separate a small section of hair from the top of your head, gathering it from front to back (this will create the chignon).

    2. Pin this top section out of the way and comb your remaining hair back as if you were creating a ponytail, smoothing it against your head. Then, carefully twist the hair in on itself to create the French twist pattern, securing it in place with hair grips.

    3. Take the section of hair you separated earlier and twist it round to curl it into a chignon, secure it in place with more hair grips.

    4. To help keep the hair in place you could apply a small amount of wax.

    5. Finally, apply hairspray for extra hold.

  • Styling Directions for Adele’s French Twist

  • Easy Updos
    Adele’s updo looks complicated to achieve, but it’s easier than it looks.
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    1. Plenty of volume at the back of the head is required for Adele’s version of the French twist. To create this volume, lift up small sections of hair from the top back section of your head and tease or back comb the hair close to the roots.  

    2. Leave this section of hair aside, while you style the rest of the hair.

    3. To style the remaining hair, comb it back towards the middle of the head and twist it upwards, securing the twist with hair grips. 

    4. Take the top section of hair you put aside earlier and using a brush shape into a large wave. Then, fold the ends under at the back of the head ensuring you cover the top of the French twist you created in step 3. Hold the hair in place using more hair grips.

    5. Apply a generous portion of hairspray to give the hairdo the required hold.

  • To see it in action, watch the video below as Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to create a business-style variation on the French twist, which doubles up nicely as an elegant evening hairdo.

  • Video: How to Style a French Twist