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Festive Hairstyles for the New Year's Eve Party

Elegant Hairstyles
A clever short hairstyle turns heads all by itself but adding eye-catching accessories can add even more style, oomph or elegance. Isabel Lucas knows all about style and elegance. Here she wears a classic Alice band made from black velvet.
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Do you want to say Good-bye to the old year in the company of a few friends, attend a gala event or  join a wild party? Whatever tickles your fancy, a great hairstyle will add style, pizzazz or elegance to the event. Of course, the hairstyle should be simple and last through the long night. We like to suggest a few ideas to complete your party outfit.

  • ”3, 2, 1: Happy New Year!” There are a few days left to contemplate the outfit and the hairstyle for the party. What shall I wear? What will I do with my hair? Finding answers to these questions will become more urgent as we get closer to the end of the year. Do you want to be the talk of the town or rather show off your creative streak? Would you like to give simple elegance a go? We help you make your best decision.  

    New Year’s Eve parties are yet another opportunity to re-invent your style. Out with the old, in with the new! Now is the time to leave all troubles behind and start anew. Allow your hair styling to express this spirit and forget about being cautious. Have a look at our photos and try them out on your own hair.

  • Elegant Hairstyles: Simplicity Works!

    An elegant hairstyle for the New Year’s party does not have to be complicated. Australian actress Isabel Lucas (see the photo above) makes the case for simple hairstyles. She completely does away with frills and does not spend hours in front of the mirror. Her hair is cut short and requires only a little gel to comb it straight back for a modern look. The Alice band in her hair is made of black velvet. It is a rich and stylish element, which enhances the simple elegance. The makeup also draws all the attention to her face as it  is more elaborate than the hairstyle with  her smokey eyes capturing your attention. This look is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

    See whether you find your New Year’s Eve party hairstyle in our photo gallery.

  • Gallery: Elegant Hairstyles

    Elegant Hairstyles + Audrey Tautou

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    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Audrey Tautou

    Curls are especially attractive for festive occasions like a New Year’s Eve party. If you wear your hair straight on every regular day of the year, New Year’s Eve is your chance to try a new hairstyle.. French actress Audrey Tautou embraced this idea and changed from her sweet pixie cut to bouncy curls.  

    Elegant Hairstyles + Elena Perminova

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    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Elena Perminova

    Long bobs are in style right now. The hairstyle is particularly suitable for festive events because the style changes easily from elegant to casual and from retro to modern. It-girl Elena Perminova demonstrates how glamorous yet fresh and feminine the long bob can look. The styling is simple and festive enough for your night on the town on New Year's Eve.


    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Georgia May Jagger

    Do you feel adventurous? If so, you may want to crimp your hair like model Georgia May Jagger. Bringing back this 80’s fashion, her hair is straight near the roots and increasingly kinky toward the ends. The straight middle parting provides appealing contrast.

    Elegant Hairstyles + Flavia Lucini

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    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Flavia Lucini

    Short hair can look very stylish for a New Year’s Eve party. A little hair gel helps to create a trendy quiff and also keeps the hair on the side of the head combed straight back. Short modern hairstyles lend themselves to very distinctive and stunning party looks. Model Flavia Lucini combines low-key nude makeup with her short hair and quiff. However, smokey eyes and other expressive makeup choices also work with short hairstyles.

    Elegant Hairstyles + Kate Bosworth

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    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Kate Bosworth

    Braids are a popular choice for festive hairstyles. Actress Kate Bosworth wears particularly sophisticated looking braids, which give interest and glamour to her otherwise simple hairstyle. The hair is divided into two strands, which are separately braided towards the back of the head and then intertwined. If this kind of braiding seems too complicated you may like our other suggestions for hairstyle with braids (see ‘More on Hair Styling).

    Elegant Hairstyles + Cara Delevingne

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    Elegant Hairstyles for New Year's Eve - Cara Delevingne

    Model Cara Delevingne shows us the perfect New Year's Eve hairstyle. The style is simple yet expressive. Her preparations for the big party are simple. She creates a middle parting and leaves her long, slightly wavy hair undone. She looks endearing with her feminine hairstyle and makeup