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Festive Hair Styles Add Glamour to Special Celebrations

Festive Hair Styles
This Chanel model wears pearls in her sleeked hair for a look of understated elegance
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Festive hair styles are no longer stiff and boringly brave. Our gallery below is going to show you today’s cool yet glamorous looks, which add easy-going style and sparkle to every festive occasion. Of course, we also show you how to turn all those ideas into hair style success

  • It's time to plan for this year’s holiday celebrations. Festive hair styles and especially plain and understated hair jewellery are a hit this season. Current fashion shows provide us with many ideas for this kind of style.

  • Festive is the Keyword for Hair Fashion this Season

    Start with a classic updo like a chignon, ponytail or banana but give these styles a modern twist by enhancing the volume and structure or by using wet gel.  

    The jewellery should be plain and understated to fit the elegant simplicity of the hair styles. This holiday season, the ornate barrettes, hair grips or Alice bands show simple lines and they come in silver, gold, brown or black. Save your more elaborate glittering hair jewellery for another occasion and allow your more elegant looking pieces to lend your style character. Materials like leather, pearls, nets or metal are good choices.

  • Be Creative in Your Choice of Special Hair Jewellery

    In our gallery below, you find plenty of ideas for your own beautiful festive hair style. However, some of the looks require a lot of tasteful creativity especially since some of the shown hair jewellery was created extra for the models and the fashion shows. You will therefore have a hard time finding this exact type of hair jewellery in stores. Of course, this is no reason to give up on the style. Take heart, we are going to help you create similar adornments without breaking the bank or your time schedule.

  • Gallery: Models Show Festive Hair Styles

    Festive Hair Styles: Christian Dior

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    Festive Hair Styles by Christian Dior

    Backstage at the Christian Dior fashion line-up, we saw this dishevelled chignon. The black Alice band with the subtle lustre of a few rhinestones surprises in the matte hair. Styling: Apply dry shampoo to your hair and brush it out well. Then tease the hair on the crown of your head and the hair ends strand by strand before stroking it back loosely using your fingers. Put the Alice band into your hair and use fancy bodkins to secure your hair in the neck. Tip: Black bands with sequins or black lace ribbons are more than just substitutes for the black Alice band. Have fun finding the very creative hair bands hiding out as notions in sewing and craft stores!

    Festive Hair Styles: Chanel

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    Festive Hair Styles by Chanel

    Chanel designers envision their models emerging like dewy creatures from the mysterious depth of the oceans. Styling: Part your hair low on one side and distribute wet gel from the roots to the ends. Use a wide-toothed comb to help gather your hair to a ponytail deep in the nape of your neck. Twist this ponytail around to form a chignon. Secure the chignon with hair grips and then add a few pearl-studded hair grips to the chignon and the hair around it. Using pearl-studded hair grips of different sizes creates a particularly artistic impression. Tip: In case pearl-studded hair grips are not available, purchase some pearls in the craft or sewing department and glue them to the end of hair grips or glides

    Festive Hair Styles: Hermès

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    Festive Hair Styles by Hermès

    This season, Hermès presents an almost geometrical hair style. Extra glossy hair spray gives the very smooth and straight fringes extra lustre. The elegance of the broad leather band appeals and attracts.
    Styling: Shampoo your hair, apply heat protectant spray and blow-dry your hair while pulling it through a paddle brush. Use a flat iron to straighten the fringes. Gather your hair to a ponytail deep in your neck and secure it with a scrunchy. Then pull a thin strand of hair out of the ponytail, wrap it around the crunchy and secure the strand with a hair pin. Wrap the leather band around your head hiding the hair parting underneath it. The leather band should be about 65 cm (~ 26 inches) long and the widest part should measure about 5 cm (2 inches). The ends of the band should be tapered so that you can easily fasten it with a knot underneath the ponytail. Leather remnants are on sale in many places including the Internet. A friendly shoe repair shop owner may also help you out

    Festive Hair Styles: Yves Saint Laurent

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    Festive Hair Styles by Yves Saint Laurent

    This model for Yves Saint Laurent wears a simple chignon, which is half contained by a shiny golden collar. The interesting jewellery gives the hair style its festive character. Styling: Work volumising mousse through the towel-dry hair before drying it as usual. Now comb your hair back and gather it in a ponytail deep in the neck. Not quite so smoothly layered hair only adds charm to the hair style. Twist the ponytail into a chignon and secure it with hair pins. Wrap a coil chain or similar jewellery partially around the chignon for a festive touch. Tip: You can craft the chain yourself. The chain must be flexible enough to bend around the chignon, should not have sharp edges and should be light enough to stay in place. Enjoy hunting for extra special chain elements or gems in craft stores and on the Internet (see Information Box). String up the chain elements on a not too thick cord and fix them around the chignon using hair pins or slides. A choker in your jewellery box may be the ideal adornment for your festive chignon

    Festive Hair Styles: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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    Festive Hair Styles by Marc by Marc Jacobs

    The Marc by Marc Jacobs ponytail hair styles look casual and young yet elegant. Styling: Apply a dusting of heat protectant to your freshly shampooed hair. Then blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a paddle brush. Straighten the fringes and the covering hair using a flat iron. Work a trace of hair oil through your hair from the roots to the ends before combing it back in an austere fashion. Gather your hair into a ponytail about half-way up the back of your head. Then pull the ponytail up and secure it over the scrunchy with a silver hair slide. Allow the ends of the ponytail to fall down casually and secure them underneath the scrunchy. Distribute a little hair oil on your fingers before using them to shape the hair ends

    Festive Hair Styles: Donna Karan

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    Festive Hair Styles by Donna Karan

    Donna Karan embellishes the sleek ponytails of her models with structured netting. Her style certainly attracts attention.
    Styling: After shampooing apply some heat protectant spray and blow-dry your hair while pulling it through a paddle brush. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair strand by strand. Distribute a little hair oil from the roots to the ends before combing your hair back in an austere style. Gather your hair in a ponytail about halfway up the back of your head. Pull your ponytail through the netting and secure it with hair pins in the lower part of the ponytail. Tip: Cut an about 2 ½ inch section out of net leggings. It nicely doubles as an interesting net hair adornment

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