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Merry Christmas! Beautiful Hairstyles for the Holiday Celebrations

Festive Hairstyles
Christmas is the time to brighten our look with the latest fashion and hairstyles. A great look for the festive season is an extra-long shiny braid.
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There is magic in the air around the Christmas holidays. After decking the halls with boughs of holly, it is time to find our festive outfit and matching hairstyle for Christmas to celebrate with family, friends and neighbours. Get some inspiration with our examples of festive hairstyles for Christmas.

  • Great Hairstyle Ideas for the Christmas Celebrations

    The hairstyle sets the tone of an outfit and is the perfect accessory for a party, whether it’s Christmas dinner with the family or a Christmas office party.

    In our gallery, we inspire you with charming hairstyles for Christmas celebrations. Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to create beautiful curls in his video.

  • Video: How to Use a Curling Tongs to Create Beautiful Curls

  • Gallery: Festive Hairstyles for a Classy Appearance

    Festive Hairstyles + Dimitri

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    Festive Hairstyles: Sleek Straight Hair

    Many women dream of having straight, sleek, hair like this Dimitri model. Long, shiny hair complements any Christmas dress perfectly. Add another dimension to the look with precious but simple hair accessories for an even more graceful appearance.

    Tip: Add a trace of hair oil to add shine to your hair.

    Festive Hairstyles + Valentino

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    Festive Hairstyles: Austere Style with Hair Accessory

    Hair accessories give every hairstyle a festive note. This model for Valentino is bound to make a splash wearing a head band with rows of large gold studs. However, the sleek austere hairstyle with middle parting turns this ostentatious ornament into a stylish focal point.

    Tip: Use a small amount of hair gel to prevent fly-away hair. This will help achieve the undisturbed sleek simplicity of this hairstyle.

    Festive Hairstyles + Romero Bryan

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    Festive Hairstyles: Curls and Twirls

    The wild curls of this model for Romero Bryan are perfect for a Christmas party because they create a stand-out, glamorous look. You may like to try twirling front sections of hair for a cute accessory to your curls.

    Tip: Apply hairspray to maintain bounce and hold.

    Festive Hairstyles + Sava Nald

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    Festive Hairstyles: Adding a Hair Piece

    Hair pieces can help create interesting hairstyles as they add thickness and length to your hair. The model for Sava Nald added a hair piece in the form of a thick intricate braid to her high ponytail.

    Tip: Do not use styling products on hair pieces.

    Festive Hairstyles + Karen Walker

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    Festive Hairstyles: Hairstyle with Quiff

    Quiffs look particularly elegant in combination with long straightened hair. The model for Karen Walker demonstrates the clean line of this hairstyle.

    Tip: Apply volumising powder to the hair near the roots, this helps to style a bigger quiff.

    Festive Hairstyles: Dolce Gabbana

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    Festive Hairstyles: Short Hair

    This model for Dolce & Gabbana used gel to style the short hair over her forehead. This look has been inspired by Elvis Presley with quiff and combed side hair.

    Tip: Apply a strong hairspray for long-lasting hold.

    Festive Hairstyles: Glaw

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    Festive Hairstyles: Long Hair with Long Full Fringe

    You may like to try something different this Christmas with a block fringe and long, straight hair. The model for Glaw demonstrates this simple hairstyle. If you want to avoid cutting your hair you may like to try a fringe in the form of a hair piece. This gives you time to find out how comfortable you are with a fringe.

    Tip: Blow-dry your fringe using a round brush to create a large outward arc.