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Rocking out with Rockabilly style

Hair Rolls
Designer Carolina Herrera is partial to the retro style. The crown hair roll is very popular right now
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Hair rolls at the neckline, on the crown of the head or along the sides have been generating new hype, thanks to some retro styling celebrities. Hair rolls give every hairstyle a unique look, which sets that person apart from the crowd. You may be wondering how to create these unique rolls and keep them from unravelling. Not to worry, we're here to show you how!

  • The hair roll stands out among all vintage hairstyles, dating back to the very fashionable years that were the 1940s. Once again, designers, stars, and celebrities are embracing this unique hairstyle to stay on trend.

    Have a look at Carolina Herrera’s stylish hair roll (see the photo above) and in our step-by-step instructions we will show you exactly how these artful hair rolls are done.

  • How to Create Hair Rolls

    1. Apply a tennis ball-sized amount of styling mousse to your hair. The hair should feel slightly moist. This will make styling the hairstyle a lot easier.

    2. First, make a centre or side parting and then divide your hair into three sections, parting the hair behind your ears. Gather the hair in the back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

    3. Apply hairspray to the front portion of your hair and slightly tease the top strands of hair for extra volume.

    4. Take a strand of hair and gently pull it straight up. Now roll the strand of hair around your index finger. Use a foam roller instead of your finger if you want to create a wider roll. Roll about half the length of hair before pulling out the finger or foam roller. Now finish rolling up the strand of hair.

    5. Secure the hair roll with hair grips and repeat the process with the remaining strands of hair in the front of your head. Use a generous helping of hairspray to make sure that the rolls keep their shape.

    6. Finally, release the hair in the ponytail and allow it to hang down, create an updo or create more hair rolls in the back of your head.

    Of course, your make-up should match this retro style! Red lips and accurately drawn eyeliner are the two perfect choices.

    Check out some beautiful retro hairstyles in our photo gallery below or watch our video with Armin Morbach who shows step by step how to create a rockabilly hairstyle.

  • Video: How to Create a Rockabilly Hairstyle

  • Gallery: Hair Rolls


    Hair Rolls: Outward Roll

    Many stars are currently rocking retro style hair rolls. Singer Mary J. Blige sweeps her hair into a bold outward roll all around her hairline, using hairspray to keep its shape

    Hair Rolls: Dita von Teese

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    Hair Rolls: Master of the Style

    Not everyone can create hair rolls as skilfully as Dita von Teese. She perfected the period look and made it her own. Here, she wears the rolls with a side parting and unevenly upward rolled hair

    Hair Rolls: Nicole Scherzinger

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    Hair Rolls: Hair Roll Symmetry

    Nicole Scherzinger rolls her normally long hair into two rolls along the upper sides of her head. The accurately cut fringe fits the style perfectly. This look certainly turns heads

    Hair Rolls: Carolina Herrera

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    Hair Rolls: The Crown Roll

    In this style, large rolls are arranged all around the hairline. Alternatively, the hair on the side of the head may be rolled up while the hair on the back remains open.  We noticed these exact hairstyles at a recent Carolina Herrera fashion show. The back of the hair is styled as shown in our styling instructions

    Hair Rolls: Carolina Herrera

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    Hair Rolls: Understated Hair Rolls

    Models for designer Carolina Herrera introduced hair rolls in an understated style. The volume of this model’s rolls is toned down giving her version of a rolled up hairstyle a wearable, very young, and captivating look

    Hair Rolls: Dita von Teese Show

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    Hair Rolls: Extreme Front Roll

    Making this roll part of your hairstyle never fails to get you noticed. A hair piece provides the extra volume for this huge front hair roll (seen in the Dita von Teese show)